Where is BBC South East news?

South East Today is produced and broadcast live from the BBC’s South East broadcasting studios in Royal Tunbridge Wells with district reporters covering Brighton, Chatham, Dover and Hastings.

How do I contact BBC South East news?

If you have a story for BBC South East Today, please call us on 01892 675580, email [email protected] or get in touch via our Facebook page or on Twitter, @bbcsoutheast.

What are the BBC news regions?

Select your local area

  • North West England.
  • North East England.
  • Yorkshire & Lincolnshire.
  • West Midlands.
  • East Midlands.
  • West & South West.
  • East.
  • South.

Has Polly Evans left BBC South East?

Evans left the BBC in Autumn 2019. She is now the Head of Communications & Digital for The Access Project, a charity which helps bright students from disadvantaged backgrounds gain access to top Universities.

What Time Is BBC South East news on?

BBC 1 – South East

Time TV Show
5:15 pm Pointless
6:00 pm BBC News at Six
6:30 pm BBC Local News
7:00 pm The One Show 10/03/2022

What is the email address for BBC South Today?

Email us on [email protected].

Where is BBC South Today?


South Today
Producer BBC South
Production locations Southampton, England, UK
Editor Richard Spalding
Camera setup Multi-camera

What area does BBC South Today cover?

BBC South Today is the BBC’s regional television news service for the south of England, covering Hampshire, Isle of Wight, West Sussex, much of Dorset and parts of Berkshire, Surrey and Wiltshire.

What area does BBC East Midlands cover?

BBC East Midlands is the BBC English Region covering Derbyshire (except High Peak, North East Derbyshire and the northern areas of the Derbyshire Dales), Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire (except Bassetlaw), Rutland, southern parts of South Kesteven in Lincolnshire and some northern parts of Northamptonshire.

Is Marcella Whittingdale married?

Marcella Whittingdale is a professional Brtish reporter, newsreader, and news presenter. She is best known for working as a journalist at various news channels such as; GMTV, ITV, and ITN….Marcella Whittingdale.

Name Marcella Whittingdale
Ethnicity Caucasian
Profession TV Presenter and Actor
Married/Single Married
Husband Pete Whittingdale