Where is HSC 25?

Guam is a beautiful island rich in culture and history. As a forward-deployed, expeditionary squadron, HSC-25 is the only permanently stationed naval aviation and rotary wing asset on the island.

What is HSC in Navy?

Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron TWELVE (HSC-12) is the oldest and finest United States Navy Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron. The Golden Falcons are devoted to supporting the capabilities of the Carrier Strike Group, both at sea and ashore.

How many helicopters are in a helicopter sea combat squadron?

These detachments are generally comprised of two MH-60 helicopters, six pilots, one maintenance officer, six enlisted aircrew personnel, and 18 to 24 maintenance personnel.

Where is HSM 46?

Mayport, Florida
Helicopter Maritime Strike (HSM) Squadron 46. Established at Mayport, Florida on April 7, 1988 as HSL-46, the squadron transitioned to the MH-60R and was redesignated HSM-46 on March 1, 2012. They are currently attached to Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 7 and Carrier Strike Group (CSG) 10.

How many c130s does the Navy have?

Only 10 of the 43 C-130s in the fleet are currently available for operations, according to Greg Kuntz, a spokesman for Naval Air Systems Command, or NAVAIR.

Can a Hercules carry a tank?

The C-130J Hercules can carry missiles, fire tanks, tactical trucks use for loading and unloading equipment. The aircraft is capable of lifting troops, carrying fuel trucks and relief supplies essential for medical care.