Where is Mark Sommers now?

Summers currently splits his time between homes in Los Angeles and Philadelphia where his company Marc Summers Productions has a branch.

Is the diner in Unwrapped real?

There were three different production locations including Hershey PA, Orlando FL, and Pueblo CO. The cool retro diner where Marc began every show was actually just a set, not a real place.

What happened to Unwrapped?

Unwrapped was the starter dough for several spin-offs that would be baked up by Food Network. After an incredible run that began in 2001, “Unwrapped” was pulled from the air in 2011.

How old is Marc Summers from Unwrapped?

70 years (November 11, 1951)Marc Summers / Age

Who is Marc Summers wife?

Alice FilousMarc Summers / Wife (m. 1974)

Where was the show unwrapped filmed?

Production locations Hershey, Pennsylvania Orlando, Florida Pueblo, Colorado
Cinematography Jeremy Osbern Jeff Doser Richard Gretzinger Jeff Schirmer John Cummings
Editors Vicki Gratz David Green Richard Webster
Running time 30 minutes to 1 hour

How many seasons of unwrapped are there?

9Unwrapped / Number of seasons

What diner is unwrapped filmed in?

Some host segment locations are: The Notz Landing Diner located in Golden, Colorado at the Heritage Square Amusement Park; The Drugstore in Pueblo, Colorado; locations within Elitch Gardens Amusement Park in Denver; and a specially built set at the Comcast Media Center near Denver.

Why was Marc Summers fired?

Nickelodeon ‘Double Dare’ Host Marc Summers Says That He Was Fired for Having OCD. A whole generation was raised watching Marc Summers guide young contestants through physical challenges and the green slime on Nickelodeon’s Double Dare from 1986-92.

Where did they film Unwrapped?

What is the diner on Unwrapped?

Jefferson Diner
Jefferson Diner to be featured on Food Network’s ‘Unwrapped’