Where is my Oga at the top?

Shem Obafaiye became a popular figure in Nigeria after a famous interview aired on Channels Television. The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC, has replaced Shem Obafaiye as the Lagos State Commandant of the outfit.

Why do Nigerians say Oga?

The word Oga means “senior or boss.” The phrase “my oga at the top” may be used to show respect to someone in a position of authority.

What is the website for NSCDC?

Civil Defence recruitment portal is www.nscdc.gov.ng or cdfipb. careers.

Who is the first Commandant General of NSCDC in Nigeria?

Dr. Ahmed Abubakar Audi, mni was born in the family of Suleiman Audi, an Islamic Clergy in Laminga Town of Nasarawa Local Government Area of Nasarawa State on 30th September 1967.

What is Oga Yoruba language?

It’s just there for emphasis. The word Oga should be familiar to you if you have ever been to Nigeria, or if you’ve been watching Nollywood films for some time. Oga is a Yoruba word, so you may regard this post as a short course in Yoruba language. Oga means “master” or “the boss” or “the leader.”

What is Oga?

Definition. In the context of this Order, an OGA is a permanent or semi-permanent Federal organization (including support contractors) established by the executive or legislative branches of the government responsible for oversight and administration of a specific government function.

Is Oga a Igbo?

Oga is a Yoruba word, so you may regard this post as a short course in Yoruba language.

How old is NSCDC?

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) was established by Act 3 of 2003 with numerous security responsibilities. This Act was amended in year 2007, to further strengthen and empower the Corps for better service delivery.

How much is the salary of NSCDC?

An officer with NSCDC on level 8 step 1 (Assistant Superintendent Cadre) salary is around N121,000, while for Inspectorate Cadre on level 7 is around N69,000. Graduates are placed in level 8, HND holders are placed on level 7.