Where is Stanserhorn?

The Stanserhorn is a mountain in Switzerland, located in the canton of Nidwalden near to the border with Obwalden, with the peak at 1,898 metres (6,227 ft) above sea level….

Stanserhorn Location in Switzerland
Location Nidwalden, Switzerland (mountain partially in Obwalden)
Parent range Uri Alps

Is Stanserhorn open?

All hiking trails on Mt. Stanserhorn are closed.

How do you get to Mount Stanserhorn?

Take the A2 motorway in the direction of Gotthard, exit at Stans-Nord. Follow the directions to the town centre of Stans. The Stanserhorn station is on the right-hand side, opposite the hotel Stanserhof. The ride will take approximately 15 minutes from Lucerne.

Where can you find the world’s first open cable car?

The “CabriO” cable car located in Stanserhorn, Switzerland, is the world’s first (and only) cable car featuring a roofless upper deck. The cable car hosts some of the world’s most impressive technology, able to carry 60 people in one trip while escalating 2,320 meters, rising 1139 m in altitude.

Is stanserhorn open in winter?

As far as I know, there’s no service in December, but you can check again at a later time to make sure. There are no alternatives to get up there, other than hiking, and that would be pretty strenuous (or even impossible if there’s snow).

Is stanserhorn open in December?

Is stanserhorn free with Swiss Pass?

Guests with the Swiss Travel Pass travel for free up Mt. Stanserhorn.

Are cable cars open in Switzerland?

The cable cars from Zermatt to the Matterhorn Glacier paradise are open year round, the closest you can get to the Matterhorn without hiking. You can ski here year round.

Does Swiss Travel Pass include cable car?

About the Swiss Travel Pass Trains, buses, boats and city transport are free. Cable cars, cogwheel trains and funiculars are discounted by 50% (details and exceptions here). Free entrance to museums. The Swiss Travel Pass is available for 1st or 2nd class traveling.

Is it worth it to get a Swiss Travel Pass?

The Swiss Travel Pass is worth considering if you will primarily be travelling by train in Switzerland. The Swiss Travel Pass can also be worth buying if you plan on doing mountain excursions and scenic boat cruises, visiting museums, and using local public transportation.

What is the highest cable car in the world?

Merida Cable Car
Merida Cable Car, Venezuela – 15,633 feet The Merida Cable Car in Venezuela is by far the highest gondola ride in the world at fifteen thousand and six hundred and thirty-three feet at the highest point.

What is the highest cable car in Europe?

Klein Matterhorn Aerial Tramway
Klein Matterhorn Aerial Tramway, the highest cable car in Europe (3883m), Zermatt.