Where is the best deer hunting in Ontario?

Debatably the best deer-hunting destination in Canada, Dryden is the place to go for white-tailed deer in Ontario. With the highest concentration of this species in the province, Indian Point Camp is located right in the middle of Dryden and Ignace, aka the Whitetail Triangle.

Where are deer in northern Ontario?

The highest concentration of trophy bucks is found in what has been called the Whitetail Triangle by hunting magazines. The vast wilderness between Dryden and Ignace is the northeastern section of the Whitetail Triangle and the most productive. Indian Point Camp is located right in the middle of it.

What kind of deer are in Northern Ontario?

white-tailed deer
Ontario has four wild cervid species including moose, woodland caribou, American elk and white-tailed deer.

Where are deer in Ontario?

Ontario Deer Hunting: Large populations of whitetail deer can be found in the southern part of Sunset Country. They are mostly found around and below the Trans-Canada Highway which runs across Sunset Country. This is the part of Ontario where the famous “Dryden Buck” was shot at the end of 2003.

Can you bait deer in Ontario?

There are no regulations at all in the province of Ontario against deer baiting,” said Mr.

How many deer can you hunt in Ontario?

Hunters will be limited to a provincial maximum of six (6) additional deer tags, allowing a potential harvest of seven (7) deer when used with the deer tag accompanying the deer licence.

When can you hunt deer in Ontario?

Controlled deer hunt seasons (with hunt codes)

WMU Resident – open season Hunt code
53B November 1 to 5 300
69A2 November 29 to December 5 301
70 November 29 to December 5 302
76A3 November 1 to 5 303

Are there mule deer in Ontario?

Otherwise, there are no mule deer in Ontario.

What do deer eat in Northern Ontario?

Grass is eaten only in early spring. In the summer, deer eat the leaves and tips of shrubs and trees as well as a wide range of herbaceous plants. Late summer and autumn bring on the ripening fruit and nuts that the deer depend on for fattening up to help them survive the rigours of winter.

Is there deer in Sudbury Ontario?

Deer are of course native to this region, as are wolves, and in most winters the herds will endure both the elements and their predators without suffering too major a dent in their numbers.

How many deer are in Ontario?

There are an estimated 400,000 white-tailed deer in Ontario, although that number is certainly going to be somewhat lower this year. Severe winters are common in the Northeast and Northwest Regions, and deer numbers there will be down.