Where is the closest Arctic Circle?

The position of the Arctic Circle is not fixed and currently runs 66°33′49.0″ north of the Equator.

What is good at Arctic Circle?

Arctic Circle Double Cheeseburger (and Bacon) In fact, many locals agree that besides the ice cream, Arctic Circle’s fry sauce is simply the best.

Is Arctic Circle outside of Utah?

Arctic Circle Restaurants is an American chain of burger and shake restaurants based in Midvale, Utah, United States. There were 62 restaurants as of March 2019, about a third are company owned and two-thirds by franchisees, in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming.

How many Arctic Circle Restaurants are in Oregon?

Described as “a step up in fast food”, Utah-based Arctic Circle operates 85 franchised restaurants, four of which are in Oregon.

Does anyone live in the Arctic Circle?

In total, only about 4 million people live in the Arctic worldwide, and in most countries indigenous people make up a minority of the Arctic population. Archaeologists and anthropologists now believe that people have lived in the Arctic for as much as twenty thousand years.

How old do you have to be to work at Arctic Circle in Utah?

Minimum age to apply is 16 years old. Supervisor’s task includes training, promoting, and developing team members. It also includes ensuring the quality of food, presentation, and taste.

Can you visit the Arctic Circle?

The Arctic Circle spans over 9,000 miles. Some of the easiest places to visit include northern Canada, Alaska, and northern Greenland. Your guide will likely choose your route for you, but if you know you want to visit say, Greenland, choose a company that specializes in this portion of the Arctic. It’s crazy sunny!

How much does a trip to the Arctic cost?

$8,000 -$12,000 per passenger for a 8-14 day cruise is a reasonable price to expect and will give a good choice of trips, ships and cabins.

What is the best time to visit the Arctic?

When is the best time to visit the Arctic? The best time to visit the Arctic is in the high summer of late June and early July. Temperatures are between 37°F and 45°F, the sun remains above the horizon for 24 hours a day, and seabirds are in abundance.

Why is living in the Arctic difficult?

The extreme Arctic climate makes the region a forbidding place to travel and a challenging place to live. Even so, people have found ways to explore and live in the Arctic. Strong storms can make travel difficult. And heating a home can be challenging and expensive without trees to cut for firewood.