Where is the easiest place to pass your driving test in Ireland?

Ennis in Co. Clare topped the list with a 69.53 per cent pass rate, with Clifden (68.97%), Sligo, (68.54%), Carrick-on-Shannon (67.17%) and Loughrea (66.57%) making up the remainder of the top five.

Where is the hardest place to pass your driving test Ireland?

It was followed in the 2016 top 10 by Newcastle West in Co Limerick; Roscommon; Clifden, Co Galway; Sligo; Kilrush, Co Clare; Tralee, Co Kerry; Carrick-on-Shannon, Co Leitrim; Loughrea, Co Galway; and Donegal. The five hardest places to pass a driving test in 2016 were all in Dublin.

How to get to Kings Heath driving test centre?

Test Centre Details: One step is required to access Kings Heath Driving Test Centre. The driving test centre is located in a row of shops alongside the Iceland Supermarket. Candidate parking is not available. Driving tests begin from Stotfold Road or Hawkhurst Road in either direction.

Are Kings Heath test routes still similar to practical test routes?

Currently Kings Heath test routes as still similar to those used in practical test. Find below the available driving test routes map for Kings Heath.

Where can I take a driving test in the UK?

THE DRIVING TEST at Kings Heath. Located close to busy main route roads, Kings Heath Driving Test Centre will feature challenging aspects of the routes such as the A435 and it’s multi-lane and fast pace roundabouts. It’s likely that country roads are taken during the test which will feature villages on the outskirts.

Where are the best driving test centres in Birmingham for learners?

There’s definitely plenty of choice when it comes to driving test centres for learners in Birmingham. If you’re located in South Birmingham, Kings Heath might just be your port of call for your practical. Based near the A435, 5 miles south of the city centre, this test centre gets its fair share of learners each month.