Where is the Huntsman Skyrim?

The Drunken Huntsman is a tavern and hunting shop specializing in archery located in the Plains District of Whiterun.

Why is Elrindir attacking me?

Elrindir may attack you upon entering The Drunken Huntsman for no apparent reason. Drawing and sheathing your weapon will not stop him from attacking, and if he chases you outside, other NPCs, including Whiterun guards, may attack you as well.

Who runs the drunken Huntsman?

The Drunken Huntsman is a tavern in Whiterun run by Elrindir and co-owned by his brother Anoriath. Elrindir buys and sells weapons, armor, while Anoriath buys and sells food, though only at his stall in the marketplace of the Plains District.

Who is Anoriath Skyrim?

Anoriath is a Wood Elf in Whiterun. He is part owner, with his brother Elrindir, of The Drunken Huntsman. He operates a stall on the marketplace which sells meat. He is also the target for one of the Dark Brotherhood quests: Contract: Kill Anoriath.

Who owns The Drunken Huntsman Skyrim?

Who is Deekus Skyrim?

Deekus is an Argonian assassin who resides at a campsite on the beach near Hela’s Folly. He is a target for assassination in a Dark Brotherhood contract.

Can you get drunk in vanilla Skyrim?

You can get drunk on vanilla extract.

Can you marry Vekel the man?

As far as “relationships” go, Skyrim only recognizes NPCs as being married, not married, and available to be married. Vekel’s “relationship” isn’t any of these, it’s just backstory he provides through his dialogue.

How do I upgrade the Huntsman?

Upgrading the Huntsman is one of it’s main Features, the upgrades are found throughout the world, well Interior cells anyway. You’ll notice they come in the form of Upgrade Kits (Boxes) and are placed in easily to spot locations.

What is the Huntsman?

The Huntsman is a Unique Bow designed to be the perfect companion for Hunters. The Huntsman is no ordinary bow, aside from it’s Unique appearance it has the option of being Upgraded with Upgrade Kits that not only change the stats but also change the appearance. The Huntsman also levels up with the player so it should never become useless.

How do I upgrade items in the game?

You’ll notice they come in the form of Upgrade Kits (Boxes) and are placed in easily to spot locations. To upgrade you either activate the Kit where they are placed, if you are able you can upgrade on the spot, if not later on when you want to upgrade drop the Kit and activate it, you’ll be given the option to upgrade.