Where is the spout of garnock?

North Ayrshire
The Spout of Garnock is a waterfall on the course of the River Garnock in North Ayrshire. It lies within the Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park, 1┬╝ miles (2 km) southeast of the source of its headstreams on the Hill of Stake.

Where does the river garnock start?

Firth Of ClydeRiver Garnock / MouthThe Firth of Clyde is the mouth of the River Clyde. It is located on the west coast of Scotland and constitutes the deepest coastal waters in the British Isles. The firth is sheltered from the Atlantic Ocean by the Kintyre peninsula, which encloses the outer firth in Argyll and Ayrshire. Wikipedia

What is the Garnock?

The Garnock Valley includes the towns of Beith, Dalry, and Kilbirnie, and some smaller villages such as Gateside, Barrmill, Longbar and Glengarnock. It has a combined population of around 20,000. If you live in the Garnock Valley and would like to become involved our Locality Partnership might interest you.

What fish are in the river garnock?

Common fish species present include salmon, trout, eels, stone loach, minnows, sticklebacks, lampreys.

How long is river garnock?

24 miRiver Garnock / Length

Is kilbirnie a nice place to live?

Kilbirnie is a great place to live and work; everything you need is close by (banks, supermarkets, pharmacies, post office, restaurants, pool, sports centre, airport and city centre). The city is a 15 minute bus ride away with buses departing every 10 minutes during the day from a number of stops around Kilbirnie.

Is East Ayrshire a good place to live?

East Ayrshire is perfectly placed, both for fast transport and digital links. There is excellent access by road, rail, sea and air and excellent broadband coverage. Here, you are 30 minutes from Glasgow and just 55 minutes from Edinburgh. But look around you and take in the rolling beauty of Scotland’s natural scenery.

Is Ayrshire rough?

THE areas were ranked last out of 138 local authorities based on 33 aspects of family life such as exam results, crime and pay. EAST and North Ayrshire have been named as the worst places in Britain for family life, according to a new survey.

Is Ayr a dodgy?

Ayr has been ranked as the worst seaside town in Scotland, according to an independent consumer group. Which? polled around 3,000 people to see what towns were the best and worst to visit in the UK.

Is Ayrshire a good place to live?

If you’re looking to spend more time outdoors, Ayrshire is a great place to live. The county boasts glorious green moorlands and rolling hills, which are perfect for walkers and cyclists alike. The aforementioned coastline offers a number of sailing and kayaking opportunities.