Which art of Bidar is very famous?

Bidri Ware
Bidri Ware – A Magic in Black and Silver Bidriware Derives its name from Bidar. The 500 year old art is Persian in origin, but bidriware is purely Indian innovation. This art of engraving and inlaying is handed down by generations and is execlusive to Bidar.

Where is Bidri work handicraft famous?

The exquisite Bidri craft with its origins in Persia, is now a popular form in the Deccan region of India.

What is Bidri handicraft?

Bidriware is a renowned metal handicraft that derives its name from Bidar, presently in Karnataka. It was believed to have originated in 14th century AD during the reign of Bahamani Sultans. The term ‘Bidriware’ therefore represents the manufacture of a unique metalware that is named after the region of Bidar.

What is famous for Bidri work?

Bidar in Karnataka is famous for the Bidri work. The Bidri craft is generally practised in the Bidar-Karnataka region.

Where is Bidri work done?

Bidriware is the pride of Bidar, near Hyderabad, and is an indigenous handicraft tradition that garners a lot of admiration and appreciation. Practised on zinc and copper, and inlaid with pure silver or thin sheets, it is a delicate art and remarkably intricate.

What is Bidri work of Telangana?

Bidri Craft It involves various stages such as casting, engraving, inlaying and oxidizing. The name of this art form is derived from a town called Bidar (currently part of Karnataka) of the erstwhile Hyderabad state, located close to Hyderabad. Bidri art involves using black colors for surface ornamentation.

Which materials are used for Bidri craft also mention the metals used for inlaying?

Zinc, copper are the prime raw material of bidri ware, copper sulphate is used. Silver, copper wires are used for inlaying.

What is Bidri in history?

Definition of bidri : a pewter formerly used in India for making ware inlaid with gold or silver also : bidri ware.

Who is the father of bidriware handicraft?

It was first brought to India by noted Sufi Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chisti in the form of utensils. The art form developed in the kingdom that was a mix of Turkish, Persian and Arabic influences which were intermingled with the local styles and thus a unique style of its own was born.

What were craftsperson of Bidar famous for?

The craftspersons of Bidar were so famed for their inlay work in copper and silver that it came to be called Bidri.

Who is the father of Bidriware handicraft?

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