Which district is sekyere?

The district assembly is located in the eastern part of Ashanti Region and has Effiduase as its capital town….Sekyere East District.

Sekyere East District Assembly
Country Ghana
Region Ashanti
Capital Effiduase

Who is the DCE for Sekyere South District?

Sekyere South District
Capital Agona
• District Executive Ben Abankwa

Which district is Kronom?

Kronom, Ashanti Region, Ghana.

Which district is kronum in Kumasi?

Tafo is a town in Kumasi Metropolitan District in the Ashanti Region of Ghana near the regional capital Kumasi. Tafo is situated 5 km east of Kronum-Abouhia.

Which district is Banko?

This place is situated in Sekyere, Ashanti, Ghana, its geographical coordinates are 6° 56′ 0″ North, 1° 23′ 0″ West and its original name (with diacritics) is Banko.

Which district is Asamang?

Atwima Nwabiagya district
Asamang is a village in the Atwima Nwabiagya district, a district in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

Who is the MP for Afigya Sekyere East?

Afigya Sekyere East (Ghana parliament constituency)

Afigya Sekyere East
Region Ashanti Region of Ghana
Current constituency
Party New Patriotic Party
MP Mavis Nkansah Boadu

Where is Afigya Kwabre District located?

Ashanti Region of Ghana
The District is located in the central part of Ashanti Region of Ghana and has an area of about 342.3km being 1.44% of the land area of Ashanti Region.

What is the district capital of afigya kwabre North?


Afigya Kwabre North District
Region Ashanti
Capital Boamang
• Total 268.2 km2 (103.6 sq mi)

Which district is Ashanti effiduase?

Sekyere East District
The Sekyere East District is one of the districts in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. It has Effiduase as the district capital.

Which district is Jamasi?

Ashanti Region

Country Ghana
Region Ashanti Region

Who is the MP for Achimota?

Mavis Nkansah Boadu

Hon. Mavis Nkansah Boadu
Nationality Ghanaian
Political party New Patriotic Party
Alma mater Achimota School Devry University, University College of Management Studies
Profession Businesswoman