Which Jazz package is best for internet?

The best daily internet package from jazz in our point of view is the Daily Mega offer. The package offers 1 GB of data in just thirty rupees….Jazz Daily Internet Packages.

Daily Browser
Details 250 Free MBs of data, unlimited Jazz On Net minutes, 1500 SMS
Validity 1 Day
Activation Dial *400#

What is Jazz 3G packages?

With Daily Super offer, customers can enjoy 150 MB fast internet, 1440 Jazz to Jazz minutes and 50 SMS for the whole day in just Rs. 17 (incl. tax). Customers who are interested in availing this offer can dial *212# or *444# then select a super daily offer to activate this amazing offer.

How can I activate Jazz 30 GB?

  1. Subscription Fee Rs.337 (Incl. Tax)
  2. Subscription Code *506#
  3. Validity Weekly.
  4. Status Code *506*2#
  5. Bundle Information Code *506*3#

How can I get Jazz internet package?

With our industry first – Jazz your offer, customers now have the freedom and convenience to make their own bundles. By just dialing *303#, customers can now select their preferred validity & incentives and truly create their personalized bundles.

How do I get Jazz 2 hour internet?

Ghanta Offer

  1. Subscription Fee Rs.10 (Incl. Tax)
  2. Subscription Code *638#
  3. Status Code *638*2#
  4. Validity 1 Hour.

What is the code of Jazz monthly internet package?

Jazz Monthly internet package offers 8 GB of internet for a month in RS 375(INC TAX). To subscribe to this jazz net package monthly dial *117*31# and you can check the remaining Mbs by dialing *117*31*2#.

How can I get Jazz ghanta offer?

How do I subscribe to Jazz 24 hour?

1 GB DATA (24 Hours)

  1. Subscription. Fee Rs.30 (Incl. tax)
  2. Subscription. Code *117*4#
  3. Validity 24 Hrs.
  4. Status. Code *117*4*2#

How can I get free MBS 2021?

Type *824# To get 500mbs internet free for 3-days. Just type *832# from your phone and you will get 500 MB free Internet on your Mobilink sim. Type *441*29# to get 1Gb internet for free.