Which Mahadasha is good for Gemini ascendant?

Gemini ascendant borns will have good and favourable results during Venus, Mercury and Moon dasas. Mars and Jupiter dasas will give mostly disappointing results. Saturn and Sun dasas will be moderately good, depending on their placements.

Is Saturn good for Gemini ascendant?

The native with Saturn in 1st House for Gemini Ascendant has a long life. The native with Saturn in 1st House for Gemini Ascendant is brave and courageous. The native with Saturn in 1st House for Gemini Ascendant works hard to earn wealth. The native has enmity from his younger brothers and sisters.

When Sade Sati starts for Gemini?

About Saturn’s Sadesati

S.N. Sade Sati/ Panoti Start Date
10 Small Panoti Wednesday, May 16, 2012
11 Small Panoti Friday, January 24, 2020
12 Small Panoti Wednesday, July 13, 2022
13 Sade Sati Wednesday, August 8, 2029

Who is 4th house lord for Gemini ascendant?

Naturally, it means that Mercury is their Lagna lord. At the same time, Mercury also has the ownership of the 4th house for Gemini ascendants. Overall, it is expected that Mercury should be a benefic planet for Gemini ascendants, but it is a neutral planet.

Is Jupiter Benefic for Gemini ascendant?

Nature of Maraka Planet – Now first of all, good thing with Gemini ascendant people is that not only both of their maraka planets, i.e. Moon and Jupiter, are benefic planets but they are also best friends.

Who is 7th house lord for Gemini ascendant?

If you are a Gemini ascendant then you’ll have Jupiter as the lord of the 7th house, in which case you attract people who have a broad perspective on life. So, your spouse would be well educated, well informed, well-traveled, or someone who has had many different experiences in life.

How do you know if Saturn is benefic or malefic?

It ‘appears’ to travel in retrograde motion every year for about 5 months, and its retrogression starts and ends when it is in trine with Sun. In General, Saturn is benefic to people born in ascendants (lagna or rising sign) of Taurus (Vrishabha), Virgo (Kanya), Libra (Thula), Capricorn (Makara), Aquarius (Kumbha).

Is Sani Dasa good?

Good effects of Shani Mahadasha – If Shani is positively placed or makes a combination with any good planet, the Shani Dasha can turn out to be beneficial. In this situation, the person: Receives great strength, courage, and power and can become capable of facing challenges and becomes famous and notable in society.

Who is the lord of 5th house Gemini ascendant?

Venus is the best benefic planet for Gemini ascendants and it is the reason behind almost every happiness that these people enjoy. Venus as the 5th house lord for Gemini ascendants makes these people exceptionally creative.