Which Planeswalkers are from Theros?


  • Calix.
  • Gideon Jura.
  • Niko Aris.
  • Xenagos.

What sets are in Theros block?

The Theros block consists of the large expansion Theros (), and the two small expansions Born of the Gods (), and Journey into Nyx (). It is the 20th block in Magic: The Gathering history.

What are people from Theros called?

The canonical demonym of Theros is “Theran”.

Where do the gods live in Theros?

the starfield of Nyx
The gods live within the starfield of Nyx, which accompanies them (in part) when they travel Theros.

What races are in Theros?

Theros is home to some of Faerun’s most unique humanoids. Outside of humans, the races below tend to be the most common. Elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, tieflings, dragonborn, orcs, and yuan-ti exist in Theros as well.

What is Theros God?

Theros block Gods debuted in Theros and returned in Theros Beyond Death. The gods of Theros are indestructible legendary enchantment creatures (living enchantments). For this reason, all enchantments on this plane are thought to be gifts from the gods, a unique form of magic enabled by divinities.

Are there elves in Theros?

Elves can be found in virtually every plane throughout the multiverse. To date, Amonkhet, Kamigawa, Ixalan, Ikoria, Mercadia, Rabiah, Tarkir, Theros, and Ulgrotha are the only natural planes to have no known races of elves, and only small portions of some of these have been seen.

Are there goblins in Theros?

Goblins are one of the two extant species of orkoids. They are characterized by their short height, green flesh, small pointed ears, and domesticated psychology as a result of over five thousand years of domestication by orcs.

Did Xenagos lose his spark?

[Vorthos] Confirmed: Xenagos didn’t lose his spark.

Who kills Xenagos?

Elspeth kills the god Xenagos Xenagos had accomplished what he had desired: obtaining a place in the pantheon. However, he could not sustain his godly form by himself; he gathered a large array of Nyxborn creatures, using them to keep his position.