Which zone is Spandau?

Berlin-Spandau station

Category 2
Fare zone : Berlin B/5656
Website www.bahnhof.de

What is the name of Berlin’s main train station?

Berlin Hauptbahnhof
Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Berlin Hbf) is the German capital’s main station, located in the heart of Berlin just 10 minutes walk from the Reichstag and 15 minutes walk from the Brandenburg Gate.

Where is U Bahn in Berlin Hauptbahnhof?

The S-Bahn platform is located on the second level. Regional trains arrive and departure on second level and on the 2nd basement level. U-Bahn is also placed on 2nd basement level. Buses, taxis, and trams are accessible via exit to Europaplatz (northern side of Hauptbahnhof).

Was Spandau in East or West Berlin?

West Berlin
The Spandau exclaves of Eiskeller, Fichtewiese and Erlengrund were an exception. Due to territorial exchanges between the Allied occupying powers and the Soviet Union, these were located on East German territory, but belonged to West Berlin.

Is Spandau in Zone B?

Fare zone. Spandau station is in VBB fare zone B.

What is Berlin A and B?

Fare zone Berlin – AB / ABC There are three different pay zones for public transit in Berlin. Zone A covers all areas within the S-Bahn circle line, while Zone B goes to Berlin’s city limits. Zone C covers Berlin’s nearby surrounding area (e.g. Berlin-Brandenburg Airport, Potsdam, Oranienburg).

What is the difference between Berlin HBF and Berlin HBF tief?

Berlin Hbf is a set of platforms at high level on the Stadtbahn that runs east-west through Berlin. Hbf (tief) is the low level platforms on the new north-south line. They are linked by escaltors via an intermediate floor with shops etc. 8 minutes should be achievable but you won’t have any time to waste.

Is there a place in Germany called Spandau?

Spandau, area of Berlin, Germany. It lies on the Havel River at the mouth of the Spree. Originally the site of a Sorbian (Wendish) fortress, Spandau became German about 1230 and was granted civic rights in 1232. It was incorporated into Berlin in 1920.

Is Spandau a Zone C?

Spandau station is in VBB fare zone B.