Who is Axel Acosta?

Axel Acosta was a student who was killed at Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival. He was studying computer science at Western Washington University. Melynda Huskey, the university’s vice-president of enrollment and student services, told KRTK: “By all accounts, Axel was a young man with a vibrant future.”

How was Axel Acosta identified?

Axel Acosta, 21, Identified as Astroworld Victim by His Family: ‘Young Man with a Vibrant Future’ A promising college student named Axel Acosta has been identified as one of the eight victims of the mass casualty incident that took place Friday night at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival in Houston, Texas.

Where is Axel Acosta from?

Axel Acosta from Tieton, Washington died during a mass casualty event on Nov. 5. HOUSTON, Texas — A 21-year-old Western Washington University student was among those killed at Travis Scott’s concert at the Astroworld Festival in Houston, Texas on Nov. 5, according to a law firm representing his family.

Did astroworld victims suffocate?

Astroworld victims died from compression asphyxia, officials announce. The 10 people killed at the Astroworld music festival in Houston all died from compression asphyxia during a massive crowd surge in which attendees were packed so tightly that many could not breathe or move their arms, officials announced Thursday.

What is a crowd surge?

A crowd surge is when a large group of people tries to move into a space at once, Steve Allen, lead crowd safety consultant for Crowd Safety, told Verywell. It can include a “crowd collapse,” which is when several people fall down and can’t get back up.

What is compressional asphyxia?

Compression asphyxia is a type of mechanical asphyxia, where respiration is prevented by external pressure on the body, at the same time inhibiting respiratory movements and compromising venous return from the head. 1. It is usually due to heavy weight compressing the chest or the abdomen.

How do human crushes happen?

Crushes often occur during religious pilgrimages and large entertainment events, as they tend to involve dense crowds, with people closely surrounded on all sides. Human stampedes and crushes also occur as people try to get away from a perceived danger, as in a case where a noxious gas was released in crowded premises.

Why did they take down Astroworld?

Topline. Disney-owned streaming platform Hulu removed a local ABC news station documentary, Astroworld: A Concert From Hell, about the deadly crowd surge at the Houston music festival, after it was criticized on social media for uploading the documentary just weeks after the event.

Does Travis Scott have a theme park?

Houston is Scott’s home city, and is where Six Flags Astroworld — an amusement park — was once located. That closed in 2005 and Scott named his third album after the theme park.

What is compression asphyxia Travis Scott?

Ten people, ranging in ages from 9-years-old to 27, died after attending the Astroworld Festival, an annual music event organized by headliner Travis Scott. Compression asphyxia occurs when air is cut off from the body due to external pressure, according to the National Library of Medicine.