Who is Darcy LaPier married to?

Brian Snodgrassm. 2002–2010
Mark R. Hughesm. 1999–2000Jean-Claude Van Dammem. 1994–1997Ronald Ricem. 1991–1993Larry Ray Robertsonm. 1984–1993
Darcy LaPier/Spouse

Is Ron Rice married?

Darcy LaPierRonald Rice / Spouse (m. 1991–1993)Darcy Lynn LaPier is an American former actress and model. Wikipedia

Who is Van Damme’s daughter?

Bianca BreeJean-Claude Van Damme / Daughter

Why did Van Damme divorce Darcy?

Darcy filed for divorce from Van Damme three times in three years. Each time the lovebirds were able to patch it up. But in 1997, she filed and the divorce stuck. In the court documents, she alleged that Van Damme, then 35-years old, was a cocaine addict who beat her regularly.

Who was Ron Rice married to?

Darcy LaPierRonald Rice / Spouse (m. 1991–1993)

Who started Hawaiian Tropic?

Ron Rice
Hawaiian Tropic, the Ormond Beach-based sunscreen giant that was started in 1969 with a $500 loan, has been sold to Playtex Products Inc. for $83 million, Playtex announced Thursday. Hawaiian Tropic was founded by Ron Rice and is the largest privately owned manufacturer of sun-care products in the world.

Who owned Hawaiian Tropic?

Hawaiian Tropic founder Ron Rice had countless cash, cars and women — plus, a UT education. Before creating Hawaiian Tropic, Ron Rice was a student at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Rice created the first batch of Hawaiian Tropic suntan oil inside a trashcan in his garage.

Does Bianca Bree know martial arts?

“I was stuck for a while,” she admits. “My whole life was skating. Then all of a sudden, I needed to find something new.” Bianca started acting — and eventually, doing martial arts — alongside her dad, in 2008’s The Shepherd: Border Patrol.

Does Van Damme have a son?

Kristopher Van Varenberg
Nicholas Van Varenberg
Jean-Claude Van Damme/Sons

Is Claude Van Damme still married?

Van Damme’s current wife is American bodybuilder Gladys Portugues. The original Van Damme-Portugues marriage ended in 1992 when Van Damme had an affair with Darcy LaPier, an actress and model who was also married at the time.