Who is Denise in Pitch Perfect?

Wanetah Walmsley
Denise is a former minor character on Pitch Perfect. She was part of the Barden Bellas and one of the lesser known members in the group. She didn’t return for the sequel. She is portrayed by Wanetah Walmsley.

Is Hana Mae Lee Korean?

Hana Mae Lee was born on September 28, 1988 in California, U.S. She is of Korean and Japanese ancestry, and the influence of her Korean roots is often reflected in her personality—she even performed a Korean folk song at her audition for ‘Perfect Pitch!

What are Lilly’s lines in Pitch Perfect?


  • Lilly : I set fires to feel joy.
  • Lilly : [Speaking louder than she normally does] I think I have something that could help us.
  • Lilly : I ate my twin in the womb.
  • Lilly : Hello, my name is Lily Onakurarama, I was born with gills like a fish.
  • [Beca returns to her room after being released from jail]

Who are Jessica and Ashley in Pitch Perfect?

To clear the confusion, Regner plays Ashley, and Kelley Jakle plays Jessica, the two Bellas who are always around and seemingly interchangeable. The first two “Pitch” movies were filmed in Baton Rouge, Regner’s hometown.

Who is Jesse’s girlfriend in pitch perfect 3?

He attends the World Championship in Copenhagen with Benji to show big support for the Bellas and especially, his girlfriend Beca. In Pitch Perfect 3, it is said that he and Beca broke up and he has moved on to a new girlfriend as mentioned by Beca.

Why is Lilly so quiet in Pitch Perfect?

Lilly admitted to the fact that she ate her twin in the womb. After the big fight and before the big finals, the Bellas decided to rehearse a new type of song. This lead Lilly to speak with her normal voice for the first time in the film.

Does Lily from Pitch Perfect actually beatbox?

However, Lee admits she was a beatboxing novice when she first signed on for Pitch Perfect, and only knew how to do simple beats with her mouth. But now, Lee says she’s confident, and also had the support of the film’s music producers, Ed Smith and Deke Sharon.

Why does Audrey throw up in Pitch Perfect?

The outrageous musical comedy also stars Brittany Snow and Rebel Wilson. Camp’s character, Aubrey, may seem like an uptight perfectionist, but audiences soon discover she has one very strange flaw — she violently pukes when she becomes too anxious.

Who puked in Pitch Perfect?

Aubrey Posen
Behind the Scene Aubrey Posen is a main character in Pitch Perfect and a supporting character in Pitch Perfect 2. She was the uptight and traditionalist co-leader of The Barden Bellas who is notorious for vomiting whenever she’s under pressure. In the sequel, she now runs the Lodge at Fallen Leaves, a retreat camp.