Who is Jermaine the OG?

(born October 13, 1978) is an American former professional basketball player….Jermaine O’Neal.

Personal information
High school Eau Claire (Columbia, South Carolina)
NBA draft 1996 / Round: 1 / Pick: 17th overall
Selected by the Portland Trail Blazers
Playing career 1996–2014

Is Shaquille O’Neal related to Jermaine O Neal?

Jermaine O’Neal (born October 13, 1978) is an American former professional basketball player. (Prince Williams/Wireimage) However, after almost two decades, Suns’ Jae Crowder almost came close to beating Shaq’s record. O’ Neal is a fairly common last name but their is no relation between the two.

How much money did Jermaine O’Neal lose?

Commissioner David Stern docked Jackson 30 games, which amounted to $1.7 million in lost salary. Stern also suspended O’Neal for 25 games. The player won in arbitration, cutting the penalty to 15 games. Still, O’Neal lost $2.7 million.

Are Jake and Finn siblings?

Finn the Human is the main character of Adventure Time and often appears alongside his best friend and adoptive brother Jake the Dog. Finn was adopted by Jake’s parents Joshua and Margaret as an infant.

Is Jake Finns brother?

A photo of Jermaine, alongside Joshua and Jake, is seen in Finn’s memory in “Memory of a Memory.”…

Jermaine the Dog
Enemies: Blood Demon (Maybe)
Family: Joshua (Father) Margret (Mother) Jake (Brother) Finn (Adoptive Broher)
First Appearance: Crystals Have Power
Portrayer: John DiMaggio

Who is Jermaine O Neal’s wife?

Mesha O’NealJermaine O’Neal / Wife

Where do Jermaine Oneal live?

ColumbiaJermaine O’Neal / Places lived

Is Deron Williams a HOF?

Final Word: The three-time all-star looked like a future Hall of Famer early in his career, however, after struggling the last several seasons there is no chance he will land in Springfield. He is officially given a 9.5% chance of enshrinement. Williams is on the tail end of his career.

Can Jermaine stretch like Jake?

In “From Bad to Worse,” as he claims, Jake tells Lady Rainicorn he can stretch forever; however, he was likely lying to comfort Lady, since he whispers to Finn to “hurry up with that antidote.” As seen in “Jake the Dad,” stretchy powers do not work as well when the user is tired.