Who is most popular member in 2PM?

When they started, the most popular was Nichkhun. He was a 2nd gen it boy. He was everywhere on tv. He was famous for his looks.

Is 2PM disbanded?

Following touring for Gentlemen’s Game, the group took an official hiatus in July 2017 due to mandatory military service. Following the members’ discharge, 2PM returned with their seventh studio album Must in June 2021.

How old are trendz members?

Eunil. Age: 18 (International age) 20 (Korean age)

Who is the most handsome in 2PM?

2PM’s Nichhkun revealed who he considers to be the most handsome member of Got7. During a recent interview with SBS MTV’s IGot7, the group made a phone call to Nichhkun, who is a senior artist at the same agency.

Is 2PM popular?

2PM is a more traditional kpop group in that they use the typical singing-dancing-rapping formula. The other draw is that they have members from other parts of the world and members who are legit actors in dramas. So the group’s popularity is quite substantial among the demographic that enjoys kpop, or watches kdramas.

What entertainment is trendz?

Interpark Music Plus
Hello, we are TRENDZ! TRENDZ (트렌드지) is a seven-member boy group under Interpark Music Plus. They made their debut on January 5, 2022 with their first mini album Blue Set Chapter 1. Tracks.

Does Bighit have a new group?

According to AllKPop, Big Hit Music is set to debut a new boy group either in the second or third quarter of 2022. Right now, they’re going by their predebut name, Trainee A, and their current lineup includes members Inhyuk, Jihoon, Leo, James, Sangwon, and JJ.

Is 2PM famous in Japan?

Idol group 2PM are enjoying an unexpected resurgence in popularity in Japan and Korea. According to its agency JYP Entertainment on Friday, the group’s latest album “The Best of 2PM in Japan 2011-2016” topped the Oricon Albums Chart and Tower Records Daily Sales Chart on Thursday.