Who is Mukesh mother?

VijayakumariMukesh / MotherVijayakumari is an Indian stage, television and film actress. She was a stage actress at Kerala People’s Arts Club and Kalidasa Kalakendra. She is the winner of the Kerala State award for best stage actress. Currently she is the Secretary of Kalidasa Kalakendra. Wikipedia

Who is the son of Malayalam actor Mukesh?

son Shravan
Their elder son Shravan made his acting debut in the film Kalyanam.

Who is father of Anthas?

In Greek mythology, Anthas (Ancient Greek: Ἅνθας), also Anthes (Ἅνθης), was a son of Poseidon and Alcyone, and brother of Hyperes.

Is actor Madhavan a Malayali?

Ranganathan Madhavan was born on 1 June 1970 in Jamshedpur, Bihar (now in Jharkhand), India to a Tamil Brahmin family.

Is Mukesh Rishi a Punjabi?

Mukesh Rishi (born 19 April 1956) is an Indian actor and film producer who worked primarily in Hindi and Telugu films. He has also appeared in Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi and Tamil films….

Mukesh Rishi
Children 2

What is the age of Mukesh actor?

66 years (March 5, 1956)Mukesh / Age

Who is the owner of Bheeshm International?

Mukesh Khanna
He is also the founder and director of entertainment company Bheeshm International. He is currently running The Mukesh Khanna Show on his own YouTube channel named Bheeshm International….Mukesh Khanna.

Bheeshm International
Personal information
Subscribers 1.11 Million
Total views 107.7 Million
Network Bheeshm International

Who was Mukesh?

Mukesh is the son of one poor bangle-maker from Firozabad. At Firozabad, almost everyone is engaged in making bangles and the same is passed down to the next generation. His father couldn’t renovate their house nor educate his two sons. Mukesh insists on being his own master.