Who is the best breast reduction surgeon in the UK?

Douglas McGeorge is recognised as one of the best breast surgeons in the UK. Undergoing a surgical procedure to change your appearance is one of the biggest decisions a person can make.

Who is the best breast uplift surgeon UK?

UK’s Best “Boob” Surgeon Mr Muhammad Riaz (mrmriaz.com), once again voted as one of the UK’s best cosmetic surgeons for Breasts, Tummies and intimate areas.

Who is the best breast surgeon in London?

Best Breast Surgeons in London, UK

  • Professor Kefah Mokbel. General Surgery.
  • Professor Zoe Winters. General Surgery.
  • Mr Philip Lim. Plastic Surgery.
  • Mr Dariush Nikkhah. Plastic Surgery.
  • Video consultation. Mr Matthew James.
  • Mr Reza Alamouti. Plastic Surgery.
  • Mr Abdul Kasem. Breast Surgery. (131)
  • Mr William Townley. Plastic Surgery. (26)

How do I find the best surgeon in my area?

Go to fsmb.org and click on Consumer Resources to get to the free tool, “Learn About Your Physician.” To find out whether the surgeon is board certified or eligible in a particular specialty, check with the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). (Go to certificationmatters.org or call 866-ASK-ABMS toll-free).

How do I find a good surgeon UK?

Doctors and surgeons You should check if someone is a registered doctor or surgeon on the General Medical Council online register. Some surgeons have a cosmetic surgery certificate from the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS). This means they’ve taken an exam, been assessed and they meet an agreed national standard.

How much does breast lift surgery cost in Turkey?

Cost of Breast Lift (Mastopexy) in Turkey
Procedure Minimum price Maximum price
Breast Lift $US 1,700 $US 3,700

How much do breast lifts cost UK?

The cost of a boob job depends on many factors, such as location of the clinic and reputation of the surgeon. However, expect to pay on average between £4000 to £7000 in the UK.

Who is the top cosmetic surgeon in the UK?

Mr Alex Karidis
As one of the UK’s best-known cosmetic surgeons, Mr Alex Karidis is a leading authority in his field, trusted by new and returning clients alike. Aided by a specialist team, Mr Karidis brings his exceptional skill to the flagship Karidis Clinic at the Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth in St John’s Wood, London.