Who is the best darter in the world?

Final Rankings

Rank Player Points
1 Lisa Ashton 431
2 Beau Greaves 415
3 Fallon Sherrock 406
4 Anastasia Dobromyslova 359

Which country is best at darts?

Darts Database Country Ranking

Rank Country
1 England
2 Netherlands
3 Wales
4 Scotland

What gram darts do professionals use?

What Weight Darts Do Pros Use? Darts can weigh between 12 to 50 grams. Pro dart players use darts that are 22 grams in weight on average. The heavier a dart is, the straighter it will fly when thrown.

Which brand darts are the best?

TL;DR – The Best Steel Tip Darts for 2021 Are:

  • Viper Blitz 95% Tungsten – The Best High-End Darts.
  • CyeeLife Steel-Tip Darts – The Cheapest Darts on the List.
  • Agirlgle Iron NON SLIP Darts – The Best Iron Darts.
  • RED DRAGON Evos Tungsten – The Best Cheap Tungsten Darts.

Who invented darts?

So, who invented darts? Modern darts was invented by a carpenter from Lancashire named Brian Gamlin in 1896.

Do darts players drink?

Most professional darts players in the modern game do tend to drink alcohol. There are some exceptions of course but there are countless stories and reports of players drinking in the player’s lounge before games and during intermissions.

How do I pick the right darts?

If you hold your dart near the front of the barrel, front-weighted darts are likely to give you a better game. But if you tend to hold it back further toward the shaft, then a rear-weighted barrel is a better choice. And it follows that holding your dart in the middle means a centre-balanced dart is a good idea.