Who is the Big 10 female ref?

First Black woman to referee Big Ten football also has full-time job in financial services. The first time someone suggested LaShell Nelson consider being a football referee, she was a 20-something playing in a flag football league in Texas. “I said, ‘Hell no.

Who are the announcers for Big Ten football?

Current on-air staff

  • Mike Hall – studio host.
  • Rick Pizzo – studio host.
  • Dave Revsine – studio host and play-by-play announcer.
  • Lisa Byington – studio host and play-by-play announcer.
  • Gerry DiNardo – football analyst.
  • Howard Griffith – football analyst.
  • Anthony “Spice” Adams – BTN Tailgate.
  • Dave Wannstedt – football studio host.

How much do Big 10 football referees make?

The salaries of College Football Referees in the US range from $11,753 to $314,406 , with a median salary of $57,014 . The middle 57% of College Football Referees makes between $57,015 and $142,490, with the top 86% making $314,406.

What do SEC referees get paid?

In the SEC, football officials are typically paid between $800 and $3,000 per game.

Who is the oldest NFL referee?

He wore uniform number 65. During his final season in 2018, Coleman was the NFL’s longest current tenured referee….Walt Coleman.

Walt Coleman III
Occupation NFL official (1989–2018)

Who is commentating Big Ten championship?


Year Network Play-by-play
2019 CBS Jim Nantz

What is BTN phone number?

To make a request for your Personal Information, please click here or call us at 888-596-3929.

Do Super Bowl refs get a ring?

Super Bowl Referees also get Super Bowl Rings.

What team had the highest score in Big Ten football?

The previous highest-scoring Big Ten game also involved Michigan. The Wolverines shut out Michigan Agricultural College — now known as Michigan State — 119-0 in 1902.

What is the salary of a football referee?

– Independent of the countries involved in the match. – The best available umpires for the match/series – Better performing umpires used more often – Frequency of individuals appointed to same teams – Workload considerations

How many referees are there in one football game?

Amateur games have 3 officials, professional games have 4 and some European and International matches have up to 6. There are 4 official referees in a football game. In football there is a total of four staff that act as referees. There is one main referee and there are two assistant refs who are the linesmen.

How to become a college football referee?

Football Referee Training. The best way to become a football referee is through state approved boards which educate officials to work high school and youth games. These local associations generally offer classes and clinics to certify and prepare football referees for at all pre-college levels.