Who is the clone commander on Kamino?

The Kamino Security Team was a unit of clone troopers that was under the command of Jedi General Shaak Ti during the Clone Wars.

Who was Sifo Dyas Padawan?

Immediately following this, Sifo-Dyas was taken as a Padawan learner by Master Kostana, much to Dooku’s initial disappointment as he had hoped to be chosen as her apprentice. During his time as a Padawan, he visited Palek with Kostana and there managed to acquire a crystal that seemed to be similar to a kyber crystal.

What clone battalion was on Kamino?

Forces that defended Kamino in the battle consisted of the 501st Legion and the Rancor Battalion.

Is Kamino always raining?

These mountain-tops, though, were rained on almost incessantly. However, the surface of Kamino was not always subject to constant rain, as such was in a Separatist attack to gain a DNA sample of Jango Fett. Its savage storms and powerful lightning bursts could be seen vaguely through its relatively thick atmosphere.

What Jedi were stationed on Kamino?

General Shaak Ti
Jedi Generals Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi with the 501st Legion and the 212th Attack Battalion were sent to assist in the planet’s defense alongside Jedi General Shaak Ti.

Were there any Kaminoan Jedi?

Kina Ha was a female Kaminoan Jedi Master trained during the era of peace known as the Republic Classic era. A wizened and distant Jedi, she allied herself with the Jedi Code, more than the Jedi Order, remaining reclusive and rarely appearing at the Jedi Temple.

Did Kamino get destroyed?

The Kaminoan leadership themselves were destroyed when their escape transports were shot down as they attempted to flee. Before the battle’s end, Fett extracted a sample of the Jango Fett DNA and delivered it to his Imperial clients.

What are the aliens on Kamino?

The Kaminoans, derogatorily referred to as aiwha-bait by the clone troopers, were a tall, thin extragalactic amphibian sentient species that hail to the aquatic planet of Kamino, beyond the Outer Rim.

Why was Coruscant Guard on Kamino?

The Coruscant Guard was tasked to guard various important Republic buildings and officials, all the while patrolling busy streets and preventing crime. The 501st was sent in partly because of their skill and availability, and also since the Coruscant Guard couldn’t simply abandon their posts to storm the Jedi Temple.

Who is Shaak clone commander?

Shaak Ti was a female Togruta Jedi Master who fought in the Clone Wars. In addition to her role on the Jedi High Council, Shaak Ti was also in charge of overseeing clone trooper training on Kamino. As a result, during the war, she often spent her time on Kamino.

Was Sifo-Dyas real?

Sifo-Dyas was human male Jedi, born on one of Cassandran Worlds. He served the Galactic Republic during its last waning years. In 32 BBY, it was discovered that Sith had returned. During this time, Sifo-Dyas was apart of the Jedi Council, though however brief.