Who is the most famous male opera singer?

The 20 Greatest Tenors of all Time

  • Jon Vickers (1926-2015)
  • Beniamino Gigli (1890-1957)
  • Lauritz Melchior (1890-1973)
  • Jussi Björling (1911-1960)
  • Fritz Wunderlich (1930-1966)
  • Luciano Pavarotti (1935-2007)
  • Enrico Caruso (1873-1921)
  • Plácido Domingo (b1941)

Who are the best male opera singers today?

7 Best Contemporary Opera Singers

  • Dmitri Hvorostovsky.
  • Lawrence Brownlee.
  • Bryn Terfel.
  • Plácido Domingo.
  • Juan Diego Florez.
  • Philippe Jaroussky.
  • Ramón Vargas.

Who is the blind Italian singer?

Andrea Bocelli
Andrea Bocelli, (born September 22, 1958, Lajatico, near Pisa, Italy), Italian tenor noted for his unique blend of opera and pop music. From a young age Bocelli was afflicted with congenital glaucoma.

What are male opera singers called?

TENOR: The highest common adult male singing voice (not including countertenor), with a range from once octave below middle C to the A immediately above middle C; in opera, a tenor is usually the hero and/or romantic interest.

Who is the best baritone opera singer?

Here Are The Best 10 Baritones The World Has Ever Seen

  • Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau (1925-2012)
  • Christian Gerhaher (b.1969)
  • Tito Gobbi (1913-84)
  • Pavel Lisitsian (1911-2004)
  • Sherrill Milnes (b.1935)
  • Tita Ruffo (1877-1953)
  • Friedrich Schorr (1888-1953)
  • Bryn Terfel (b.1965)

Who is the greatest opera singer of all time?

Luciano Pavarotti is possibly the most popular singer in the history of opera. His art is symbolised by the wonderful exquisiteness of his sublime singing which embodied great qualities for the bel canto repertoire and Verdi.

Who are some famous singers from Italy?

Famous Italian Singers Who Make Great Italian Teachers

  • Luciano Pavarotti. He’s one of the most acclaimed tenors of the 20th century, best loved for his operas, arias and collaborations with pop artists like Elton John, Bono and Sting.
  • Andrea Bocelli.
  • Mina.
  • Laura Pausini.
  • Patty Pravo.
  • Umberto Tozzi.
  • Eros Ramazzotti.