Who is the richest among the Cojuangco?


# Name Net worth (USD)
15 Roberto Ongpin $1.75 billion
16 Danding Cojuangco $1.4 billion
17 Robert Coyiuto Jr. $1.35 billion
18 Vivian Que Azcona & Siblings $1.15 billion

Is Danding Cojuangco married to Aileen Damiles?

Although later separated, the couple remained legally married even after The Philippine Star reported in March 2018 that Cojuangco was living with 1996 Binibining Pilipinas Universe winner Aileen Damiles and their two daughters.

Are Cojuangco’s Chinese?

The Cojuangco (Pampangan: [koˈxwəŋku] or [koˈwəŋku]; Chinese: 許寰哥; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Khó͘-hoân-ko; Southern Min pronunciation: [kʰɔ˥˧huan˨˦ko˦]; Tagalog: [koˈhwaŋko]) clan is a prominent Filipino family descended from Co Yu Hwan (許玉寰; Khó͘ Gio̍k-khoân), who migrated from Hongjian Village, Jiaomei Township, Zhangzhou, Fujian …

Who is Ysidra Cojuangco?

Born on May 15, 1867, Ysidra was the daughter of Antera Estrella, a native of Malolos, Bulacan, and Jose Cojuangco, who emigrated from China to the Philippines in 1836. Ysidra had two other siblings–Melecio and Trinidad.

What is the largest hacienda in the Philippines?

Hacienda Luisita
Hacienda Luisita is a 6,453-hectare sugar plantation located in the province of Tarlac, Philippines….

Hacienda Luisita
Area 6,453 ha (15,950 acres)
Produces Sugar

Who are the Cojuangco siblings?


  • Juan “Itoy” Chichioco Cojuangco (2nd sibling / 2nd older brother / 1st marriage to Elena Garcia / 2nd marriage to Lualhati Aldaba).
  • Antonio Cojuangco, Sr., who married Victoria Uychuico, a Chinese mestiza from Tarlac.
  • Eduardo “Endeng” Chichioco Cojuangco Sr.

Is Cory Aquino related to Danding Cojuangco?

Cojuangco is one of the patriarchs of the Cojuangco clan. He was the father and grandfather of future Philippine presidents Corazon Aquino and Benigno Aquino III, respectively. His other grandchildren include actresses Kris Aquino and Mikee Cojuangco.

How old is Denise Yabut?

60 years (August 1, 1961)Denise Cojuangco / Age

Are Aquino and Cojuangco related?

Who are the children of Ysidra Cojuangco?

Ysidra put her son on “adoption” and raised by her brother Melecio who married Tekla Chichioco. They had four children Jose, Juan, Antonio and Eduardo. Antonio Cojuangco is the name of the love child (obviously).

Why are the Cojuangco rich?

Government reports during this period indicated that drought and locusts had destroyed many crops. But the fortune acquired by the Cojuangcos had puzzled many of their neighbors even then. They knew the family depended on the income from their rice milling and trading business for the money that they lent out.

Who is the real owner of Hacienda Luisita?

the Cojuangco family
Originally owned by the Compañía General de Tabacos de Filipinas (Tabacalera), it is now owned by the Cojuangco family who acquired the hacienda in the late 1950s. The estate’s incorporators, who control 70 percent of Hacienda Luisita’s stock shares, are Pedro Cojuangco, Josephine C.