Who makes NAD amps?

NAD was one of the first audio manufacturers to outsource the manufacturing of its products to electronics factories in east Asia. NAD was acquired by the Danish firm AudioNord in 1991 and subsequently sold in 1999 to the Lenbrook Group of Pickering, Ontario, Canada.

Is Marantz audiophile quality?

Like all Marantz products, the 2020 SR-Series AVRs are extensively tuned by world-renowned acousticians at state-of-the-art facilities, producing Marantz’s unique audiophile-quality sound.

Is NAD high end?

This blockbuster of a power amplifier gave NAD its name as a high-end manufacturer with affordably priced products. Since then, the company has continued on its path of excellence, producing many more amplifiers for the audiophile’s home sound systems.

What sounds better Denon or Marantz?

Denon receivers have a warm sound with pronounced effects, while Marantz receivers play softer. This also applies to each receiver separately. The bass from the Denon is more dynamic and powerful than the balanced bass from the Marantz. Highs also feel different.