Who makes Titan brake actuators?

Dexter, a leading manufacturer of trailer axles, brakes, and hubs & drums for over 50 years, announced that it has acquired the assets of Titan International’s brake and actuator business.

What is a surge brake actuator?

Surge Brake Actuator systems work by the “surge” or “push” of the trailer toward the tow vehicle during deceleration which automatically synchronizes the trailer brakes with the tow vehicle brakes.

What is a surge brake coupler?

Surge Couplers store brake fluid in a compartment which a master cylinder pushes through the brake line when stopping pressure is applied on the lever inside the coupler. Due to the lever that actuates the brake fluid, it is not possible to back up (go in reverse) with the tow vehicle and trailer.

How do you test a surge brake actuator?

The easiest way is to raise one side of the trailer and spin the wheels while someone applies the surge brakes at the coupler. The better way would be to remove each of the wheels and brake drums and activate the brakes while making sure the wheel cylinders and brake assemblies are functioning properly.

What are electric over hydraulic brakes?

An electric over hydraulic system works by using electricity to activate the hydraulic motor in the actuator, which in turn activates the brakes on the trailer. The actuator receives electric signals from the tow vehicle’s brake controller and applies pressure to the trailer’s hydraulic brakes.

Which is better surge brakes or electric brakes?

Electric Brakes provide additional ease of use and additional braking control. Electric brakes are more simple than surge brakes, but they require a brake controller in the cabin of the tow vehicle.

Can you backup a trailer with surge brakes?

Backing up a trailer with surge brakes A trailer with surge brakes needs a special pin to be backed up. The pin is placed in the neck so putting the trailer in reverse does not activate the surge brakes while a driver is backing up or a trailer dolly is guiding the trailer with surge brakes.

What causes surge brakes to lock up?

“Lot Lock” is caused by corrosion buildup between the brake pad and rotor. It is more prevalent with metallic brake pads but can happen with organic and ceramic pads as well. This is due to the rotor surface of exposed steel not having a corrosion resistant coating where the pads come in contact with the rotor.

Can you convert surge brakes to electric?

You can convert surge brakes to an electric over hydraulic braking system. To do this, you will need an electric over hydraulic actuator and a brake controller. For an electric over hydraulic actuator, I recommend looking at the Carlisle HydraStar units.

Are trailer surge brakes any good?

The more you slow down the vehicle, the more pressure on the trailer brakes. When they are adjusted properly, surge brakes are smooth and easy to work with. The downside is that you cannot separately actuate the trailer brakes if the trailer is swaying.

Are surge brakes any good?