Who owns ATI transmission?

Jim Beattie
By staying true to these basic principles, Jim Beattie, ATI’s owner and founder, built a loyal customer base that is still with him today. Motorsports has always been a way for ATI to showcase its many products. Jim started drag racing in the sportsman classes in the mid-1960s.

What transmission can handle 1500 HP?

ATI Performance RacingĀ® Transmissions are well known in the drag racing world for both their reliability and horsepower holding capability. ATI has taken their 57 years of experience and applied it to the 4L85E GM 4 speed, overdrive transmission.

What transmission is best for drag racing?

First off, GM overdrive automatics are quite popular on the street, whereas powerglide and TH400 are notable on the staging lanes of dragstrips. Race cars such as street/strip machines, Fords, Mopars, Chevys, Top Alcohol dragsters, or 3,000hp Outlaw 10.5 beasts rely on drag racing transmissions from GM or bust.

What is a Powerglide racing transmission?

The Powerglide is a two-speed automatic transmission designed by General Motors. It was available primarily on Chevrolet from January 1950 through 1973, although some Pontiac models also used this automatic transmission after the fire at the Hydra-Matic factory in 1953.

What did a TH400 come in?

Upon its launch, the TH400 was evident in Buicks and Cadillacs, and a year later, it was used in Chevrolet and Oldsmobile cars. Buick, Olds, and Cadillacs that were later launched between 1965-1967 also featured the transmission but with an innovative variable-pitch stator.

What transmission can handle 1000 HP?

The PerformaBuilt Hydramatic 400 Racing Transmission is a mega-performance transmission capable of +1000 RWHP.

How much horsepower can a Jerico transmission handle?

Jerico’s chief gearhead and assembly guy, Scott McManus, tells us the company’s transmissions can easily support 750 hp in a 3,200-pound car.

Is a Jerico transmission clutchless?

Most of the time when someone says Jerico they speak of the clutchless version with split sliders, not for the street and very fragile on cutch set-up.

How much HP can a stock TH400 handle?

About 400-450 HP/TQ is the limit on the stock TH400. With ONE almost free modification and some minor valve body calibration changes, 800 HP on an otherwise stock TH400 is not a problem if it’s assembled well (good endplay, etc), and the 34 element sprag is a wise addition above 450 HP or any drag usage.

Which is better TH400 or 4L80E?

4L80E vs. Though 4L80E race transmissions are quite similar to TH400 in terms of strength and parts used, however, there are differences, such as the added overdrive gear, advanced electronic controls, and a lock-up torque converter. 4L80E transmissions have nearly 25% overdrive and are 4 inches longer than the TH400.