Who owns East West Interconnector?

EirGrid Interconnector Limited
It has a power rating of 500 MW and is one of the largest High Voltage Direct Current schemes in the world to use Voltage Source Converter technology. The EWIC is a fully regulated interconnector which was developed and is owned by EirGrid Interconnector Limited (EIL) which is part of the EirGrid Group.

What is an EirGrid interconnector?

EirGrid Interconnector DAC owns the East West Interconnector which links the electricity grids of the island of Ireland and Great Britain via submarine cables running between converter stations in Ireland and Wales.

How many interconnectors are there in the UK?

Great Britain (GB) currently has four electricity interconnectors. They link us to France, Ireland, the Netherlands and Northern Ireland. These links, totalling 4 gigawatts (GW), represent around 5% of our existing electricity generation capacity.

What is Nemo ICT?

Nemo Link connects the GB and Belgium power markets allowing electricity to be physically traded between both countries. The interconnector enables traders to buy up to 1012 MW capacity in auctions over a number of timeframes.

Where does Ireland get its electricity from?

Almost half (46%) of our electricity is generated from natural-gas fuelled power stations, and about one seventh comes from coal (14%). About a third of our power is generated from indigenous sources like wind (18%), peat (8.8%) and hydro-electricity (2.5%).

Does UK supply electricity to Ireland?

Right now we are benefitting from lower price electricity imports from Britain. Since the East-West interconnector came into operation it has supplied between 8 and 10% of Ireland’s electricity. Recent studies conclude that Irish electricity prices are 9% lower as a result of the East-West Interconnector 1.

What is the interconnector project?

The Celtic Interconnector is a planned subsea (undersea) link to allow the exchange of electricity between Ireland and France.

Who owns the UK interconnectors?

As at 2020, National Grid operates three interconnectors, connecting the UK with France, Netherlands and Belgium. Three more are under construction – a second with France, plus one each with Norway and Denmark. Find out more about our interconnectors.

What are multi purpose interconnectors?

Instead of individual wind farms connecting one by one to the shore, Multi-purpose interconnectors would allow clusters of offshore wind farms to connect all in one go, plugging into the energy systems of neighbouring countries.

Where is Irish natural gas from?

Natural gas in Ireland is currently supplied by a combination of domestic production and imports via pipeline from Scotland. In 2019, 53% of Ireland’s natural gas use was imported from the UK.

Who owns the electricity grid in Ireland?

EirGrid Interconnector
Transmission grids are often interconnected so that energy can flow from one country to another. This helps provide a safe, secure, reliable and affordable energy supply for everybody. EirGrid Interconnector DAC owns the East West Interconnector linking the electricity grids in Ireland and Great Britain.