Who owns exact care pharmacy?

CEO Dale Wollschleger
Founded by CEO Dale Wollschleger in 2009, ExactCare is a pharmacy company focused on serving medically complex patients in their homes. The company specializes in serving individuals with chronic conditions that need assistance managing multiple medications.

Why is exact Care Pharmacy calling me?

If you did not provide us with your information directly, we are calling you on behalf of a person or organization. Referrals are an important way for ExactCare to reach the people who need our services most.

What is a pharmacy product?

The main product sold in most pharmacies is drugs and various pharmaceutical products. These products are split up into groups that require a prescription, which are handled by the pharmacists, and groups that do not require a prescription, such as over-the-counter drugs, and can be purchased by whoever wants them.

What is an e kit in pharmacy?

Emergency kits contain a small quantity of medications that can be dispensed when pharmacy services are not available. However, a nurse cannot simply remove a medication from the kit and administer it to a resident.

How long has ExactCare Pharmacy been around?

Wollschleger, a registered pharmacist, established ExactCare in 2009 after witnessing patients at the pharmacy he then owned struggling to juggle multiple medications. He knew there had to be a better way to help them safely and efficiently manage their daily medication routines.

What services does ExactCare pharmacy offer?

ExactCare helps eliminate the stress and confusion of managing multiple medications, making it easier to stay on track—and stay healthier….Patient Support

  • An easier way to manage daily medications.
  • Clinical support for safer, more effective medications.
  • Coordination with the healthcare team.

What is an exact pack?

Exact Packs contain 6×6 sheets of Karen’s favorite heavyweight smooth card stock for use with our pop-up ball dies (1131 Bitty Ball Pop-up and 1117 Surprise Ball Pop-up). Exact Pack colors have been chosen to coordinate perfectly with our Add-on sets to make the animals or characters pictured on the packaging.

How many types of pharmacy are there?

The pharmacy field can primarily be divided into three disciplines: Pharmacutics. Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmacognosy. Pharmacy Practice.

Is medicine a product?

A medication is a drug used to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent disease….

Other names Medicine, drug, pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical preparation, pharmaceutical product, medicinal product, medicament, remedy

What is emergency box in hospital?

• An emergency health kit is a complete set of drugs, supplies and equipment that are needed either to. provide basic health care for a stated population size. or to manage a certain set of health conditions.

What does AC and HS mean in medical terms?

ac (ante cibum) means “before meals” bid (bis in die) means “twice a day” gt (gutta) means “drop” hs (hora somni) means “at bedtime”