Who owns Potamkin Cadillac?

About ten years ago, Potamkin sold its flagship showroom to Volkswagen (site became home to Audi Manhattan and Open Road Volkswagen) and moved down the street to a smaller building.

What happened to potamkin?

Victor Potamkin, the supercharged car salesman who used a combination of deep discounting and extensive advertising to turn an ailing Manhattan Cadillac agency into the flagship of a $1 billion-a-year automotive empire, died on Monday at Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami.

When did Potamkin Cadillac close?

Potamkin sold Cadillacs from 1972 to 1987.

How old is potamkin?

“That’s why we are the world’s largest car dealer,” said Robert Potamkin, 38, who gave up the law to oversee a motor empire started in Philadelphia by his father in 1954.