Who owns the conversation?

The Conversation was co-founded by Andrew Jaspan and Jack Rejtman, and first launched in Australia in March 2011.

Is the conversation peer reviewed?

The stories also note the work is not yet peer-reviewed; such stories sometimes appear in a new series The Conversation US is running called “Research Takes,” which highlights ongoing research.

Is the conversation Canada?

The Conversation was started in Melbourne, Victoria, by two co-founders: Andrew Jaspan and Jack Rejtman. The innovative technology platform and development team is based in the university and research precinct of Carlton. Our Canadian Newsroom is based in Toronto.

What is a conversation piece art?

This is the name given to a type of group portraiture. Works of this sort are usually small in scale and depict, relatively informally, a group of family members or friends. They are sometimes, but not necessarily, engaged in conversation. The setting can be either domestic or rural.

Who funds The Conversation com?

Our major funding comes from the generous support of foundations and universities, as well as readers, for which we are grateful. If you value The Conversation’s journalism, we would appreciate your donation. Download our 2021 Annual Report.

Who reads The Conversation?

The monthly audience across all Conversation editions is 18.6 million unique users onsite, and 70.4 million through republication. Our readers are an even split between male (47%) and female (53%). The age of readers skews young, with 61% of readers under 44 years old.

Do reviews count as publications?

As far as I know, book reviews also can be considered as a publication and there are many journals that have been accepted book review papers. I remember reading a professor’s CV and there were a couple of book review papers in the publication section.

Do comments count as publications?

Yes, but you would probably want to make separate lists of refereed and non-refereed publications. By putting the comment in the latter list, you do show that you engage with academic discussion, but you do not overclaim it as yet another refereed publication.

Who reads The Conversation Canada?

Is The Conversation an academic journal?

About The Conversation US The Conversation (​theconversation.com​) is an independent, nonprofit publisher of commentary and analysis, authored by academics and edited by journalists for the general public. We publish short articles (800-1000 words) by academics on timely topics related to their research.

What is a synonym for conversation piece?

synonyms for conversation piece

  • curio.
  • novelty.
  • rarity.
  • knickknack.
  • objet d’art.
  • trinket.
  • bibelot.
  • exoticism.