Who played piano on David Bowie?

Michael David Garson
Michael David Garson (born July 29, 1945) is an American pianist, who has worked with David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, St. Vincent, Duran Duran, Free Flight and The Smashing Pumpkins….

Mike Garson
Associated acts David Bowie The Spiders from Mars Duran Duran
Website mikegarson.com

Was David Bowie a good piano player?

Bowie isn’t just playing “songwriter’s piano”; he’s a “real” piano player! Mike Garson, who played the famous avant garde piano solo on the song “Aladdin Sane,” once recalled waiting offstage with Bowie before a small, intimate performance for British dignitaries.

Who played piano on Aladdin Sane?

pianist Mike Garson
New York pianist Mike Garson was one of David Bowie’s most celebrated creative foils across four decades, first making his mark with his audacious avant-garde jazz solo on the title track of Aladdin Sane.

Who played piano on Ziggy Stardust?

Along with guitar and strings, Ronson played piano on the album, and according to Pegg, his playing on tracks like “Five Years” and “Lady Stardust” foreshadow the skills he would showcase on Lou Reed’s Transformer (1972).

Who played piano on hunky dory?

keyboardist Rick Wakeman
Former Yes keyboardist Rick Wakeman has revealed that he played the piano on David Bowie track ‘Oh! You Pretty Things’. He was previously credited with performing on the tracks ‘Changes’ and ‘Life On Mars? ‘ on the 1971 album ‘Hunky Dory’.

Why was David Bowie called a chameleon?

Born David Robert Jones in Brixton, south London on January 8, 1947, his family moved out to the leafy suburb of Bromley when he was six. He changed his name to avoid being confused with The Monkees singer Davy Jones.

Could David Bowie play any instruments?

Bowie played Guitar, Alto and Tenor Saxophone, Piano, Mellotron, Moog, Harmonica, Mouth Harp, Koto, Mandolin, Recorder, Viola, Violin, Cello, and the Stylophone. He also played the studio as an instrument.

What does the David Bowie lightning bolt mean?

The cover artwork, shot by Brian Duffy and featuring a lightning bolt across Bowie’s face, was the most expensive cover ever made at the time and represents the split personality of the Aladdin Sane character and Bowie’s mixed feelings of the tour and stardom. It is regarded as one of his most iconic images.

Is Aladdin Sane a persona?

Aladdin Sane is a David Bowie persona associated with the album of the same name.

How did David Bowie change music?

Born David Robert Jones in January of 1947, Bowie’s legacy impacted countless people, spawning movements and genres of all kinds. He and Marc Bolan are credited with creating Glam Rock while Bowie was simultaneously inspiring the earliest incarnations of the punk scene.

Who plays piano on Space Oddity?

Rick Wakeman
Rick Wakeman is best known in America and the virtuoso keyboardist on Yes’s most groundbreaking albums of the ’70s. In his home country of the U.K., Wakeman is best known as a comedian, actor and concert pianist.