Who plays Rachel Walling in damages?

Walling is played by Julie St. Claire in the video short-story “Conflict of Interest.” In the television series Bosch Walling’s involvement in the nuclear materials theft case from The Overlook is reassigned to a new character, FBI Agent Sylvia Reece played by Julie Ann Emery.

How old is Alexandra Socha?

31 years (April 10, 1990)Alexandra Socha / Age

Where is Alexandra Socha from?

Nashua, NHAlexandra Socha / Place of birth

What happened Rachel Walling?

Meanwhile, FBI agent Rachel Walling, who was at one time Backus’s protégé in the FBI (as McCaleb had also been) and who has been exiled by the FBI to South Dakota for four years for her role in The Poet investigation, is the subject of messages sent by Backus to the FBI.

What happens to Chris Sanchez in Damages?

The boy comforts Ellen, and as they are leaving they find Chris alive. He killed Boorman himself after Boorman remorselessly admitted to killing his men when they refused to abduct the child. Erickson finds Boorman dead in the cell.

Who is Bosch’s girlfriend in season 3?

Attorney Anita Benitez
Speaking of Bosch’s personal life, he does have a new romantic relationship in season 3: Deputy District Attorney Anita Benitez (Paola Turbay). But it’s really his relationship with his daughter Maddie (Madison Lintz) that keeps him from going too far down the rabbit hole.

What is the Narrows by Michael Connelly about?

The Narrows places Harry Bosch in league with Rachel Walling, at odds with the FBI, and squarely in the path of the most ruthless and ingenious murderer in Los Angeles’s history.

What age is Titus Welliver?

60 years (March 12, 1962)Titus Welliver / Age

What is the Bosch spinoff called?

Bosch: Legacy
The second TV series based on author Michael Connelly’s Los Angeles detective will stream on IMDB TV.

Who is Cassie Black in the Narrows?

Cassidy “Cassie” Black (b. 1968) is a professional thief and former Blackjack dealer who lived in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. She was the student and lover of Max Freeling, with whom she bore a child named Jodie Shaw, and an associate of Leo Renfro and Jersey Paltz.