Who said flames on the side of my face?

Madeline Kahn
More importantly, though: 30 years ago today, Madeline Kahn’s “flames on the side of my face” speech premiered, striking eternal joy and admiration into our hearts.

Who played the maid in clue?

Colleen Camp
Colleen Camp as Yvette, a voluptuous maid who formerly worked as a call girl for Miss Scarlet and was mistress to one of Mrs. White’s husbands.

Will there be a clue remake?

The movie Clue (2021) is a remake of the 1985 film of the same name which was based on the popular board game. Eileen Brennan, Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, Christopher Lloyd, Lesley Ann Warren, Michael McKean and Colleen Camp star in the original Clue.

Who is Miss Scarlet in Clue?

Lesley Ann Warren
Clue (1985) – Lesley Ann Warren as Miss Scarlet – IMDb.

Who is the killer in clue?

White killed Yvette, and Miss Scarlet killed the cop. Mr. Green is therefore accused of killing the singing telegram girl, but Wadsworth reveals he killed her, and that he is, in fact, the real Mr. Boddy (the man Professor Plum killed was his butler).

Which Clue ending is real?

Though theaters chose one ending for each screening, in subsequent releases on home video, Wadsworth leads audiences through each ending. While Ending A and Ending B are suggestions of what may have happened, it’s strongly indicated that Ending C is the “real ending.”

Is there a Clue 2 movie?

Clue II: Murder in Disguise.

Is there a Clue movie 2?

Is there another Clue movie?

Does the Clue reboot have a release date? Unfortunately, the Clue reboot does not yet have a release date — and as it is very early in the pre-production stage, it looks like it will be awhile before we get one.

Who was murdered in Clue?

Ending C: Each murder was committed by a different person: Professor Plum killed Mr. Boddy, Mrs. Peacock killed the cook, Colonel Mustard killed the motorist (and picked out the key from Wadsworth’s pocket), Mrs. White killed Yvette, and Miss Scarlet killed the cop.

Why is Mrs. White not in Clue?

White was originally supposed to be Nurse White, according to the Guardian. Not everyone is happy with the decision. Peter Thornton. So Hasbro has dropped Mrs White from #cluedo Over my dead body.

Why did Clue remove Mrs. White?

There’s been no official reason given for the abrupt change, but TIME reports that the career change marks the first time a woman in the game has had a job outside the house. Ms. Peacock is a retired socialite, Miss Scarlet is listed as a “femme fatale” and Mrs. White had been the maid and chef in the house.