Who sang Stop Stop Stop?

The HolliesStop, Stop, Stop / ArtistThe Hollies are a British rock and pop band, formed in 1962. One of the leading British groups of the 1960s and into the mid 1970s, they are known for their distinctive three-part vocal harmony style. Wikipedia

Who wrote Stop Stop Stop?

Tony Hicks
Allan ClarkeGraham Nash
Stop, Stop, Stop/Composers

Are Hollies still active?

The band has since been through numerous lineup changes, and currently includes lead guitarist and vocalist Tony Hicks, drummer Bobby Elliott (both since 1963), bassist and vocalist Ray Stiles (from 1986 to 1990, and since 1991), keyboardist Ian Parker (since 1991), lead vocalist and guitarist Peter Howarth, and …

What was the Hollies last hit?

The remastered version added a bonus track, “The Air That I Breathe” from 1974, which was the Hollies’ last top ten song in the U.S.

Who played the banjo in the hollies?

Tony Hicks
Instruments Guitar, banjo, electric sitar, mandolin, vocals
Years active 1957–present
Associated acts The Hollies
Website www.hollies.co.uk

Who played banjo on Stop Stop Stop?

“Stop Stop Stop” is notable for being one of the few recordings by the group that feature Tony Hicks playing the banjo, and was the only song with that instrument to be performed live by the group.

Are the Hollies touring in 2022?

Iconic British band and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees, The Hollies, are celebrating 60 years of music with their return to the U.S. in April of 2022.

Did The Hollies have a number 1?

We open our Top 10 Songs by The Hollies list with the great track ‘I’m Alive.” The song was released in 1965. The song hit number one on the United Kingdom music charts.

Which of The Hollies died?

The Hollies bassist Eric Haydock has died aged 75, the band have announced. The Manchester-based group confirmed reports of Haydock’s death on Facebook with a touching post written by drummer Bobby Elliot. “Sadly, Eric passed away peacefully at his home yesterday [6 January, 2019],” the post read.

Who is Tony Hicks wife?

Jane DaltonTony Hicks / Wife (m. 1974)