Who were the coaches for the Steelers?

Mike TomlinPittsburgh Steelers / Head coachMichael Pettaway Tomlin is an American football coach who is the head coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League. Wikipedia

Who was the Steelers coach before Mike Tomlin?


# Name Term
14 Chuck Noll †* 1969–1991*
15 Bill Cowher†* 1992–2006*
16 Mike Tomlin+* 2007–present*

How many Super Bowls did Mike Tomlin win?

Mike Tomlin has taken the Pittsburgh Steelers to two Super Bowls in just four seasons as a head coach, winning one. Tomlin is also the youngest head coach to win a Super Bowl, and is the youngest two reach two Super Bowls. When Tomlin got hired as the Steelers’ head coach in 2007, there was plenty of skepticism.

Who is the winningest coach in Pittsburgh Steelers history?

Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coaches

Overall Record
Name Seasons W
Chuck Noll 1969-91 209
Mike Tomlin 2007-21 162
Bill Cowher 1992-06 161

How many head coaches have the Steelers had since 1969?

three men
The Pittsburgh Steelers are renowned for their consistency amongst head coaches. Since 1969 the team has had just three men at the helm: Chuck Noll, Bill Cowher and Mike Tomlin. The Cleveland Browns have had the same number of coaches in little more than a year.

How many head coaches has Pittsburgh Steelers have?

16 head coaches
The Pittsburgh Steelers franchise has had 16 head coaches throughout its history.

Who is the youngest coach to win Super Bowl?

Sean McVay
The Los Angeles Rams head coach, Sean McVay, became the youngest Super Bowl-winning coach in NFL history, a record previously held by Pittsburgh Steelers’ Mike Tomlin. Tomlin won Super Bowl XLIII six weeks before turning 37 years of age.

How many coaches have the Pittsburgh Steelers had in the last 50 years?

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach record

Coach Years Record
Mike Tomlin 2007-2021 154-85-2
Bill Cowher 1992-2006 149-90-1
Chuck Noll 1969-1991 193-148-1
Bill Austin 1966-1968 11-28-3

When did Tomlin start coaching the Steelers?

Tomlin took over the Steelers head coaching role in 2007, which was his first year in the head coach position. He was 34 years old when he took on the role. Since then, Tomlin has established a 154-85-2 record in 15 years with the Steelers.