Who won MLS in 2014?

LA Galaxy2014 Major League Soccer season / ChampionThe LA Galaxy, also known as the Los Angeles Galaxy, are an American professional soccer club based in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The Galaxy competes in Major League Soccer, as a member of the Western Conference. The club began play in 1996 as one of the league’s 10 charter members. Wikipedia

Who scored most goals in MLS?

Chris Wondolowski became the MLS all-time leading goalscorer on May 18, 2019. Moreno is the highest scoring foreign player with 133 goals.

Who won MLS 2013?

Sporting Kansas City2013 Major League Soccer season / ChampionSporting Kansas City, often shortened to Sporting KC, is an American professional soccer club based in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Wikipedia

What is the most goals scored in a MLS season?


Season Player Goals
2018 Josef Martínez 31
2019 Carlos Vela 34
2020 Diego Rossi 14
2021 Valentín Castellanos 19

Who won MLS 2015?

Portland Timbers2015 Major League Soccer season / Champion

When did LA Galaxy win the MLS?

The inaugural MLS Cup was held on October 20, 1996, in which D.C. United defeated the LA Galaxy. The Galaxy are the most successful team in MLS Cup history, winning a record fifth title in 2014….MLS Cup.

Founded 1996
Region Major League Soccer (CONCACAF)
Current champions New York City FC (1st title)

Who is the most fouled player in the MLS?

All Players Most Fouled per 90 Minutes – 2021 Season

Michael BradleyBradley DM, M (C)DM, M (C) 2690
Justen GladGlad D (CL)D (CL) 3086
Carlos VelaVela W (R), S (C)W (R), S (C) 1268

Who scored the most goals in the MLS 2021?

Valentín Castellanos
The US Major League Soccer top goal scorer in the 2021 season is Valentín Castellanos who plays for New York City FC with 22 goals (22.16 xG).

Who won the MLS 2012?

LA Galaxy2012 Major League Soccer season / Champion

Who won MLS Cup 2012?

LA GalaxyMLS Cup 2012 / Champion

Which team has won the most MLS?

The Los Angeles Galaxy
The Los Angeles Galaxy hold the record for most MLS Cup titles, having won five times in nine appearances. The championship has been won by the same team in two or more consecutive years on three occasions, and the match has featured consecutive sets of finalists on three occasions.

Who has the most yellow cards in MLS history?

K. Beckerman
Most yellow cards in MLS

RK Players Yellow card
1 K. Beckerman 137
2 D. Chará 103
3 P. Mastroeni 89
4 O. Alonso 84