Why did Darrelle Revis leave the Jets?

Revis tore his ACL in 2012, and the injury provided an unfortunate but clean dividing line to the two sides of his career. He squabbled with the Jets over his contract again after that season, and this time, the Jets didn’t blink, pulling the trigger on a blockbuster trade to the Bucs.

Who did Darrelle Revis lock up?

Revis wasn’t just shutting down lower level talent either. He was locking down Hall of Fame type players. The list of receivers Revis held under 35 yards in 2009 included Andre Johnson, Randy Moss (twice), Terrell Owens (twice), Steve Smith, Chad Ochocinco, Reggie Wayne, Torry Holt, and Marques Colston.

What happened Darrelle Revis?

Revis spent two more seasons with the Jets before signing a two-year deal with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2017. The Chiefs released Revis in February 2018, and he announced his retirement from professional football five months later.

How old is Revis?

36 years (July 14, 1985)Darrelle Revis / Age

What high school did Darrelle Revis go to?

University of Pittsburgh
Aliquippa Junior/Senior High School
Darrelle Revis/Education

What teams was Darrelle Revis on?

But, I have to say, the first NFL player to really own it, to be called a shutdown corner by basically everybody, was Darrelle Shavar Revis, a 5-foot-11, 200-pound defensive genius who played for the Jets, Bucs, Patriots and Jets again before finishing his career at age 32 with the Kansas City Chiefs.

How was Darrelle Revis so good?

He allowed an average of 2.9 receptions for 27.3 yards. His dominance in 2009 helped him to receive a 97.6 score from Pro Football Focus, which still remains as the highest single-season grade for a corner since PFF began calculating performances in 2006.

Who is the best cornerback ever?

Gil Brandt’s greatest NFL cornerbacks of all time

  • 1 / 24. Albert Lewis. Kansas City Chiefs, 1983-1993; Oakland/Los Angeles, 1994-1998.
  • 2 / 24. Aqib Talib.
  • 3 / 24. Lester Hayes.
  • 4 / 24. Dick LeBeau.
  • 5 / 24. Ronde Barber.
  • 6 / 24. Ty Law.
  • 7 / 24. Roger Wehrli.
  • 8 / 24. Patrick Peterson.

Who was the best CB ever?