Why did Matt leave Dr Who?

Matt Smith Later that year, The Crown star commented, “I’d have very happily done another year,” adding, “for me, it just felt like the right time to move on”. Like Davison before him, Smith has publicly stated he regrets leaving the role so soon having wanted to do a full season with co-star Jenna Coleman (Clara).

Who was the 5th Doctor’s companion?

Fifth Doctor

The Fifth Doctor
Companions Adric Nyssa Tegan Jovanka Vislor Turlough Kamelion Peri Brown
Series Season 19 (1982) Season 20 (1983) Season 21 (1984)
Previous version Fourth Doctor

Why did Peter Davison leave Dr Who?

Davison was absent for 24 episodes in the second run of the series, including the majority of series 5 and 6, due to other acting commitments; Alison Lewis, who played Rosie Herriot in the final series, revealed: “I never met Peter Davison because I didn’t have any scenes with him.”

Who was Tom Baker’s Companion?

The Fourth Doctor is an incarnation of the Doctor, the protagonist of the BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who. He is portrayed by Tom Baker….Fourth Doctor.

The Fourth Doctor
Appearances 41 stories (172 episodes)
Companions Sarah Jane Smith Harry Sullivan Leela K-9 Romana Adric Nyssa Tegan Jovanka

Who is Doctor Who longest running companion?

First appearing in the show’s seventh series, Clara served as a companion of the alien time traveller known as the Doctor in his eleventh (Matt Smith) and twelfth (Peter Capaldi) incarnations. She is one of the longest-serving companions in the show’s history.

What Doctor Who companions have died?

The Doctor has lost many companions as collateral damage from their adventures. The past four companions have in some way died: Bill Potts’ human form died, Clara Oswald was killed, and Amy Pond and Rory Williams succumbed to the Weeping Angels.