Why did the Japanese Emperor Hirohito call for Japan to surrender?

On August 15, that voice—heard over the radio airwaves for the very first time—confessed that Japan’s enemy “has begun to employ a most cruel bomb, the power of which to do damage is indeed incalculable, taking the toll of many innocent lives.” This was the reason given for Japan’s surrender.

What was Hirohito before ww2?

Instead, Hirohito spent his early years in the care of first a retired vice-admiral and then an imperial attendant. From age 7 to 19, Hirohito attended schools set up for the children of nobility. He received rigorous instruction in military and religious matters, along with other subjects such as math and physics.

What did Emperor Hirohito say in ww2?

Let the entire nation continue as one family from generation to generation, ever firm in its faith of the imperishableness of its divine land, and mindful of its heavy burden of responsibilities, and the long road before it. Unite your total strength to be devoted to the construction for the future.

What did Hirohito do during ww2?

Hirohito presided over the invasion of China, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and eventually, the Japanese surrender to the Allies. Many historical sources have portrayed Hirohito as powerless.

What did Emperor Hirohito do after ww2?

AFTER THE WAR AND LATER LIFE In the immediate aftermath of the war, Hirohito renounced the divinity of the emperor and signed a new constitution drafted by the occupying US forces. This new constitution reduced the emperor’s power to that of a figurehead.

What happened to Emperor Hirohito after ww2?

After the war, the new constitution drafted by the United States transformed Japan into a constitutional monarchy so that sovereignty lay with the people instead of the emperor. Hirohito died in Tokyo on January 7, 1989. His son, Akihito, succeeded him.