Why do people not like Russell Crowe in Les Mis?

People diss Russell Crowe because, to most people who have actually seen a stage performance of Les Mis, his vocal performance as Javert was a terrible disappointment.

Are Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe friends?

“Russell and I actually became very close friends,” said Jackman. “We were good friends before. We knew each other a lot. And Russell has given me advice several times at key moments in my life that helped with my career.

Can Eddie Redmayne really sing?

Not only has he showed off how much of a tremendous actor he is through the likes of The Theory of Everything and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, but he can sing as well. You might not have known this, or might have just completely forgotten but Eddie Redmayne has a decent set of pipes on him.

Did the actors in Les Miserables sing themselves?

Rather than pre-recording the songs with an orchestra and then lip-synching on set—a common practice during the golden age of the Hollywood musical—the actors were given ear pieces that fed them a piano accompaniment while they sang.

Is Hugh Jackman a nice guy?

Hugh Jackman is a really, really nice guy. He’s been married to Deborah Lee Furness for years and there’s never been a single rumor of cheating or bad behavior. He’s the perfect actor, husband, dad, and all round human being. People say he’s a hard worker — disciplined and generous.

Who is Hugh Jackman’s best friend?

Hugh Jackman’s best friend Gus Worland reveals the A-list star was forced to mop up his vomit | Daily Mail Online.

Where did Amanda Seyfried learn to sing?

She stopped modeling when she was 17, and worked as a waitress in a retirement community. Seyfried took vocal lessons, studied opera, and trained with a Broadway coach while still a teen.

Did Anne Hathaway really sing in Les Miserables?

She told a story working on long “Les Miserables” rehearsals with director Tom Hooper. Jackman (Jean Valjean) and Hathaway (Fantine) sang every take live in the film, which would go on to win three Oscars (including best supporting actress for Hathaway, while Jackman was nominated for best actor).

Did Russell Crowe do his own singing in Les Misérables?

Well simply put, Russell Crowe can’t sing. In the film, Crowe plays the pivotal role of Inspector Javert, a character that has his sights set on Jean Valjean. His character is both intriguing and powerful, neither of which come across well in the film.

Did Anne Hathaway really sing in Les Misérables?