Why is Jay silent on Gogglebox?

Of course, we all knew that Jay is no longer on the show because he broke up with his girlfriend. The producers even tried to keep him on the sofa when they broke up, which made you uncomfortable once you realised they weren’t brother and sister.

Where is silent Jay now?

But what is silent Jay up to now? It seems that the quiet TV personality has decided to follow a more conventional path, as he’s now working in a bar. From July 2015, he’s been working in the floor staff team at Baa Bar Fleet Street, Liverpool.

What happened to Eve from Gogglebox?

Where is the Woerdenweber family now? Since leaving the show, Ralf works for Bosch and Viv runs a shop stocking everything ‘goth’ and it is called Twilight. However, on the floor above, Eve has her state-of-the-art tattoo studio Pretty Inked.

Are Stephen and Chris still friends?

Now 42-year-old Chris has shared his side of the story – with he and Stephen initially a couple but remaining friends and agreeing to do the show together after their split.

Who are the Michael family on Gogglebox?

Gogglebox star Andrew Michael has died at the age of 61, Channel 4 has confirmed. He was well known for appearing on the series alongside his wife Carolyne and children Louis and Alex. The family joined the show, which sees members of the public review the previous week’s television, in 2013.

Is Ralph Eve’s dad Gogglebox?

Who are the Woerdenwebers? The Wirral based Woerdenweber family are made up of Ralf, Viv and their daughter Eve. German-born Ralf Woerdenweber, 52, his English wife Viv, 53, and their daughter Eve, 24 regularly appear on our screens and have made for unmissable viewing since they joined the show.

Is Stephen from Gogglebox married?

Gogglebox star Stephen tied the knot with his partner Daniel Lustig in July 2018 after the pair got engaged in 2016.

Why is Sandra no longer on Gogglebox?

Sandra, who said the show got a bit “boring” to film, revealed she “blew” it all looking after her family and friends and ended up “homeless and penniless after Gogglebox”. But she said the reason she left – along with other members of the cast – was because they were not allowed to do any other TV shows.

Why did Stephen and Chris fall out?

‘” He went on to reveal that the pair were originally set to leave Gogglebox together after a production company approached them for a separate venture. However, Chris was left in the lurch when Stephen emailed the studio to terminate the production without consulting his co-star.

Did Stephen from Gogglebox get divorced?

It was later revealed that the pair decided to go their separate ways after a bitter feud. Daniel and Stephen got engaged in 2016 and tied the knot in July 2018 at Chateau de Lisse in Lot-et-Garonne, France.

What do the Malones from Gogglebox do?

Promoted Stories. Tom Malone Jr is a freelance model and street dance choreographer who has performed with many big name artists. The dance sensation is a member of a professional dance crew and has shown off his moves alongside the likes of The Black Eyed Peas, Rita Ora and Wiley.

What happened to the Michaels family on Gogglebox?

GOGGLEBOX have confirmed the Michael family will not be returning to the show. The Channel 4 programme returns to screen on Friday night after a four-month break. But following the death of three of its stars, five members of the cast will not be returning – including the Michael family, who are based in Brighton.