Why is my outboard not pumping water?

Turn the engine off and check for anything, such as weeds or trash, which may be blocking the water intake. If a foreign object is present, remove it and restart the engine after it has returned to normal temperature. In most outboard motors, the water output is a small tube-like structure that can easily get blocked.

How long do outboard water pumps last?

All impellers should be changed at a minimum of three years. Some will not make it that long depending on many things, how often it is used… too little and it will deform and tend to dry rot. Use it alot and it will wear out from spinning around in it’s housing.

How do I know if my outboard water pump is bad?

Signs of a bad boat impeller are either boat engine overheats when you try to accelerate, loss in impeller vanes flexibility, physical wear & tear like cracks in impeller vane roots, melted or worn of vanes. Even if you see less or no water coming out of tell-tale, it might be due to a bad impeller.

How often should you change the impeller on a Yamaha outboard?

RE: How often for Impeller change on outboard? I’ve found that Yamaha impellers are good for at least three years and usually will go five. But, they are cheap and easy to swap, so I generally do ’em at three year intervals. If yours is an 04, spend the 22 bucks and half hour.

How often should you change an outboard motor impeller?

It’s good outboard maintenance practice to check your water pump impeller every season, and replace it every two to three seasons. 300 hours of use or every 3 years whichever comes first!

How often should I change my water pump impeller?

Instead, replacing the water pump impeller every three years or sooner should avoid most water-pump-related issues and keep your outboard running in excellent condition. However, if you’ve noticed persistent problems keeping your engine cool, you may need to replace the water pump completely.

How do I know if my outboard thermostat is bad?

Symptoms of a failed thermostat (open position)

  1. Engine slow to warm up.
  2. Engine not reaching its correct operating temperature.
  3. Poor cold weather performance.
  4. Water flowing from the exhaust pipe at idle.

Can you run an outboard without a thermostat?

Can I Run My Outboard Without The Thermostat? Yes, you can temporarily run your outboard without the thermostat and not harm the engine. No, you can not remove the thermostat and continue running the engine for long periods of time without causing harm to the engine.