Why is Tangail famous?

Tangail is the home of the weavers and internationally known for “Tangail Saree” a handloom saree made of both cotton and silk. This saree is widely used by women and girls of Bangladeshi and Indian origin living all over the world. Madhupur has forests and hilly areas.

Which country Tangail is?


Tangail টাঙ্গাইল
Country Bangladesh
Division Dhaka Division
District Tangail District
Upazila Tangail Sadar Upazila

How can I go Tangail?

Land route: You can reach Tangail by bus or train from Rajshahi to Dhaka. From the Rajshahi division, Hanif, Desh Travels, and other popular transport buses travel to Dhaka. You can reach Dhaka by these buses.

Is Tangail a district?

About TANGAIL Tangail is a district (zilla) in central region of Bangladesh. It is a part of the Dhaka division. The population of Tangail zilla is about 3508556 and its surface area is 3,375 km².

How is Tangail?

It is the largest district of Dhaka division by area and second largest by population (after Dhaka district). The population of Tangail zila is about 3.8 million and its area is 3,414.28 square kilometres (1,318.26 sq mi)….Tangail District.

Tangail টাঙ্গাইল
Division Dhaka Division
• Deputy Commissioner Md. Ataul Ghani

How many unions are in Tangail?

Of the twelve upazilas of the district ghatail is the largest upazila (450.71 sq km, it occupies 13.35% of the total area of the district) and dhanbari is the smallest upazila (127.95 sq km)….Tangail District.

Others Information of District Name of Upazila Dhanbari
Area (sq km) 127.95
Municipality 1
Union 7
Mouza 112

What is a Tangail saree?

‘Tangail Saree’ was originated from Tangail, a district of Bengladesh. Previously it was named as “Begum Bahar” where silk warp and cotton weft were used. Later on, both cotton warp and weft were in vogue. At present, silk Tangail sarees have been revived.

Why is Manikganj famous?

Manikganj is noted for its Hazari gur. Jhitka (in Harirampur upazila) is the center for date-sugar industry in the district. Hazari gur being deservedly famous for its purity and flavor.

How many union are there in Dhanbari upazila?

Dhanbari Upazila

Municipality Union Population
1 7 30178

How do you identify a Tangail saree?

Tangailsarees can be identified from the extra warp designs in the borders essentially , and designs in the body which are produced with the help of Jacquard for lifting the threads. Coloured threads are used for the designs as well as in the whole body of the saree.

What is Tangail fabric?

Tangail sarees are made in cotton or by using silk materials with glamorous borders and style. They have different name like Tangail pure cotton saree, soft cotton saree, half-silk saree, pure silk saree, mixed cotton saree etc.

What type of town is Manikganj?

Manikganj is a town and district headquarter of Manikganj District in the division of Tangail, Bangladesh….Manikganj.

Manikganj মানিকগঞ্জ
• Type Mayor–Council
• Body Manikganj Municipal Corporation
• Total 2.28 km2 (0.88 sq mi)