Why is there a specific guide to Healthy Eating for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples?

The guide shows how much food is required everyday from each food group for good nutrition and health. Healthy eating throughout life will help reduce the risk of health problems later in life such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity.

What does the Canada Food Guide Rainbow do for you?

The Food Guide is based on science and it tells us to be sure to eat food from three food groups to get the different nutrition our body needs to grow and stay healthy. …

Why does a circle represent the indigenous food guide instead of a rainbow like in the Canada Food Guide?

The main design on the cover is a circle instead of a rainbow. A circular design is meaningful to many Aboriginal cultures, representing balance, cycles of life, and nature, etc. This food guide reflects the importance of both traditional and store-bought foods for Aboriginal people.

Why is food so important to Aboriginal culture?

“Food provides the opportunity for Indigenous peoples to reconnect to country and culture through stories of language, growing and preparation practices, food and cooking knowledge, and enjoying meals together,” Ms Hardy said.

What did Torres Strait Islander eat?

The Torres Strait Islander people ate a variety of garden food such as yams, taro, wild yam, cassava, fruits such as wongai, sorbie, coconuts, sea almonds, and meats such as pig, stingray, turtles, dugong, shellfish and fish.

Why is the Australian Dietary Guidelines important?

Why do we need Dietary Guidelines? A healthy diet improves quality of life and wellbeing, and protects against chronic diseases. For infants and children, good nutrition is essential for normal growth. Unfortunately, diet-related chronic diseases are currently a major cause of death and disability among Australians.

Why was Canada’s food guide created?

Canada’s first food guide was introduced in 1942 to provide guidance to Canadians on proper nutrition during a period of time when wartime rations were common.

What does it mean to be mindful of your eating habits?

Mindful eating is maintaining an in-the-moment awareness of the food and drink you put into your body. It involves observing how the food makes you feel and the signals your body sends about taste, satisfaction, and fullness.

Why did the Canadian government change the food guide?

Less prescriptive approach. We heard that many Canadians found the previous food guide challenging to use in their daily lives. For this reason, the new food guide has moved away from recommendations based on the number and size of servings.

What influenced the types of food eaten by different Aboriginal groups?

Aboriginals were hunters and gatherers, hunting wildlife to provide meat and gathering fruits, seeds and insects for their daily meals. Each season, weather conditions and geographic location would impact the types of food available, making their diet varied and well balanced.

What did Aboriginal food taste like?

It may come as a surprise that Echidnas are a sought after animal by Aboriginal people. As with a lot of bush meats, the taste has been described to be just like chicken however we think it’s better than chicken.