Why was the frontier police force formed?

The Colony of Freetown was set up in 1808 as a settlement for freed slaves, with a police force whose authority was restricted solely to the city limits of the colony itself. By 1889 colonial authority had been extended to the provinces.

How did the people of British West African territories govern themselves before the advent of colonial rule?

Before the advent of colonial rule the people of British West African territory, e.g. Nigeria governed themselves in the following ways: (i) The people were governed by custom, rules and norms. (ii) The paramount chief was at the apex of the administration.

What does Rwaff mean?

In 1928, it received royal recognition, becoming the Royal West African Frontier Force (RWAFF).

Is the army in West Africa?

In Western Africa, a military coup has removed Burkina Faso’s democratically elected president from office.

What is the meaning of OSD in police?

Officer on Special Duty
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Officer on Special Duty (abbreviated as OSD) is an officer in the civil services of the Indian subcontinent.

What is the meaning of AIG in police?

Inspector-General of Police. The Assistant Inspector-General of Police (AIG) is subordinate to the Deputy Inspector General.

Why did the British colonize West Africa?

The 19th century British colonial policy in West Africa was a policy of assimilation. Their grand plan was to have Africans assimilate into European civilization and culture. The policy created a western class of black Englishmen who were supposedly British partners in religion, trade and administration.

Why did the British colonize Africa?

HISTORY OF BRITISH COLONIAL RULE IN AFRICA The British believed that because they had superior weaponry and were therefore more technologically advanced than the Africans, that they had a right to colonize and exploit the resources of the Africans in the name of promoting civilization.

Is the Air Force in West Africa?

The 435th Air Expeditionary Wing under U.S. Africa Command is in six locations in West and East Africa, and these two Niger locations offer what may be the best hope for stemming the growth of terrorism in Africa.

Is there any U.S. military in Nigeria?

Hence, U.S. military involvement in Nigeria beyond limited training operations is minimal, and the country does not host any American defense installations. Successive Nigerian governments have wanted to purchase sophisticated American military equipment but have rejected U.S. oversight.